Gregor Horvat

Elliot Wave Technical Analyst

Gregor Horvat is based in Slovenia (Central Europe) and has been active in the Forex market since 2003. He is a technical analyst and individual trader who also provides articles and trade plans based on the Fibonacci and Elliot Wave principles.

He mostly focuses on currencies, oil, gold, and the U.S. stock market.

He has worked for Capital Forex Group and, whilst his feature articles have been published online across numerous industry websites.

Gregor Horvat is the founder of forex services on provides technical analysis of the financial markets, highlighting behavioural patterns based on the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP). EWP provides a method for identifying price points at which a market is most likely to turn. Knowing the probable swing and reversal points provides confirmation of where investors could enter and exit positions for the highest probability of success.


Elliott wave Analysis: German DAX and GBPUSD

Hi traders, German DAX is unfolding a three-wave pullback down from the 12450 highs, which can be labelled as a higher degree wave B). We see currently sub-wave C of B) in play which can look for support near the 12170/12100 region. A later rally in impulsive fashion would indicate a bullish turn and more … Continued


USDCHF and AUDJPY Looking Lower

USDCHF is unraveling a beautiful bearish impulse from the highs, with current recovery representing wave iv) correction. This wave iv) can unfold as a double zig-zag pattern, which can later look for resistance near the Fibonacci ratio of 38.2 or higher, at the 0.9889 level, where former swing high can have the same effect, a … Continued


NZDUSD and S&P500 Update

Hi traders, NZDUSD is slowly turning to the upside, suggesting that a higher degree wave 3 found its low and a new temporary three-wave correction is in play. As such we are observing current intra-day impulse as sub-wave a of 4 that can look for resistance and a temporary drop into sub-wave b near the … Continued


AUDJPY and NZDJPY, Both Looking Lower

AUDJPY is still trading choppy, overlapping and slow, indicating that a triangle correction can be in play on the pair. We specifically see leg d of this triangle, which can look for support and a bounce into final leg e around the 82.110 zone. That said, a later breach below the 81.93 level would confirm … Continued


Elliott wave Video Analysis: GBPJPY and EURUSD

GBPJPY has been trading choppy and overlapping in a higher degree wave 4 in June and found a top In July, at the 149.31 to be specific. We can see that price dropped nicely from the highs, which gave us thinking maybe a new drop in five-waves can be in play for the pair. If … Continued


Elliott wave Analysis: GBPJPY and GBPUSD Update

Hello traders, GBPJPY can be trading at the end of a bigger, flat correction which started unfolding at the end of July. We see first and second waves a) and b) completed, so current turn up from the 145.1 area can be final wave c) with its five-wave rally. This five-wave rally can look for … Continued


ZeroX Is Ready For A Bullish Run

ZeroX can be approaching the end of a big bullish triangle correction. Hello everybody! Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more interesting after a long correction in 2018, which can be approaching the end soon. There are many interesting cryptocurrencies, but we decided to share ZeroX against Bitcoin (ZRXBTC). Why against BTC? Well, there are no … Continued


EURCAD and GBPCAD – Elliott Wave analysis

Hi traders, As expected, EURCAD turned nicely lower from projected resistance level after a three-wave a-b-c recovery, so be aware of more weakness, while it’s trading below 1.5584 invalidation level, especially if price breaks beneath channel support line and 1.5320 level. EURCAD, 1h Just like EURCAD, even GBPCAD points lower as expected, so Canadian Dollar … Continued


Elliott wave Analysis: Temporary Pullback on OIL Points Above 76.00

Hi traders, Crude oil is unfolding a five-wave recovery from June lows which are characteristics of an impulse, with current turn lower unfolding a temporary correction. We specifically see price making a contracting pattern from 75.23 swing high which in Elliott wave theory resembles a EW triangle correction, a slow and sideways price activity within … Continued


Crude oil and Gold

Crude oil is unfolding a clear, five-wave recovery from June lows which are characteristic of an impulse. We specifically see price at the end of wave 3) which is already showing signs of a completion at 75.23 level, from where a new intra-day drop followed yesterday. This dip to 72.60 can be wave A as … Continued


Bears Taking over EURUSD – Elliott wave Analysis

EURUSD has made a sharp drop in three waves from February highs which was expected, as we were tracking final stages of a bigger, bullish five-wave development as wave C. Wave C represents a final leg within a three-wave movement, meaning a change in trend can follow; also price unfolded five legs within wave C, … Continued


CADJPY Could Face A Sharp Drop Soon

CADJPY has five waves down and three waves up, which is an ideal pattern for a bearish set-up. At the end of May, we have seen a sharp and impulsive drop with five waves and as we know after every five waves, a three-wave correction follows. As you can see, a three-wave A-B-C correction can … Continued


AUDUSD Looks Bearish on The Long Run

Hello traders, and welcome to another updated where we will discuss where the market is going on AUDUSD. Let’s dig in. AUDUSD completed a five-wave overlapping price movement within a higher degree wave C in 2017, which is known in Elliott wave theory as an ending diagonal. We can see that the top was found … Continued


USDCAD Looks Bullish Long-term

Hello traders, today we are going to look at USDCAD. USDCAD made a sharp and strong recovery in September of 2018, which can be a sign of a bigger bullish cycle. If that is the case, then turn up from 1.2245 level can be wave 1), first wave of a bigger impulsive wave three. We … Continued


Ripple and BCHUSD Update

Ripple turned into a bullish mode from 0.45 level with impulsive manner just like other cryptocurrencies. We know that impulses show direction of a trend, which means more upside will be expected after a three wave of retracement which is already underway, and maybe in late stages. Support zone is coming at 0.62-0.70 area. Ripple, … Continued


Temporary Correction on DASH Points Higher

Just like other cryptocurrencies, which are in positive correlation, we see Dash in a very impulsive rise from 280 support level, so a bullish reversal can be here, but we need some evidences to confirm that. The first evidence was a break above 460 bullish level, but to be more confident, we always need to … Continued


USDJPY Trading In A Complex Triangle

On the daily chart of USDJPY we see price trading in a bigger complex correction, known also as a Elliott wave triangle pattern. Specifically, we see latest drop down as leg C of a triangle completed at the 104.63 level, so current reversal from there can be wave D that can take pair to the … Continued