Current Market Analysis

The analysis of markets is a critical part of the trading decisions of any trader or investor. The individual trader or trading group may have a preference for: Macroeconomic Analysis, Microeconomics Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Behavioural Analysis, Quantitive Analysis and Technical Analysis.

But whichever approach is employed, it is through this analysis that the trader decides:

  • If to buy or sell an asset
  • At which levels to enter a trade
  • At which level to put the target to hopefully take profit on the trade
  • Or, if the analysis proves incorrect, when and where is the trade wrong and at which level to exit the trade.

In this section we will provide regular, real time market views including currency pairs forecasts, primarily through the approach of Technical Analysis, but also by utilising other approaches to market analysis.


USDMXN and AUDJPY Can Turn Lower

I personally like USDMXN and its hourly structure, where I see a completed EW leading diagonal down from 18.9788 level, followed by a possible three-wave retracement that can see limited upside and a reversal near the 18.6825 level. USDMXN, 1H An ending diagonal is a powerfull reversal pattern. structure is 3-3-3-3-3 a wedge shape within … Continued


Earnings and Tariffs Pressure Dollar

The Dollar slips on soft wages and the Trump tariff threat Average hourly earnings rose a paltry 0.1% The chance of four rate changes this year just receded U.S. employment data released on Friday showed a particularly strong February, with the Non-Farm Payroll coming in at 313K. This was a 20-month high that was over … Continued



Today markets are going to be interesting and volatile as we are awaiting ECB rate decision and press conference and then BOC Gov Poloz speech. Technically speaking, dollar remains mixed, really unclear direction on AUDUSD, USDCHF and GBPUSD, while we see some kind of a clear bullish structure on EURUSD pair, while USDCAD is pointing … Continued


Silver Could Be Golden

Silver is increasingly attractive as the Dollar slips on the Trump tariff threat The 200-day moving average is proving supportive Prices could rally to $19.45/Troy Oz, a gain of 17.6% More most investors that turn their eye to the commodity space tend to concentrate their efforts on Gold, Crude Oil and maybe, Copper.  Silver has … Continued


Gold and EURAUD Update

Gold is trading within final stages of a blue wave v in a bearish impulse. Specifically, we see price approaching some interesting support levels near 1304/1300 zone, from where a new trend reversal may show up, in three waves. There Fibonacci support of 61.8, 200 and 261.8 can react as support zones and push price … Continued


Copper Inventories Worrying Rise

Copper inventories are rising on a global basis Rise in copper prices since 2016 cannot offset transportation costs Chinese activity slowed as “New Year” approached Trump’s infrastructure plan has not catalysed prices Market is at a resistance; longer-term sentiment looks for a gain of 6% What’s going on in the world of copper? There are … Continued



We have seen a very strong turn lower on Friday on EURUSD pair. Actually all dollar pairs showed stronger USD in the last few sessions, which is actually not a surprise as normally flows changes around holidays, and today is Presidents’ Day in the US. Normally this are only temporary flows, which means that current … Continued


€ and $; Tug of War

Euro’s good week fell apart on Friday The Dollar has supported but may struggle to break 1.2132 Eurozone economy improves; ECB could start normalising earlier than expected Treasury yields have broken higher That could unsettle the US economy and Dollar demand There can be no argument that EURUSD had a great run this past week … Continued


Bitcoin showing evidences of a reversal

As expected BTCUSD fell down into 5th wave of wave (c) , a final leg of decline that we have been talking about a lot in our past reports. We have seen a move into our projected target zone where temproary low has been found; at the trend support line shown on a weekly chart … Continued


GOLD and S&P500

Precious metal such as gold, is trading in a bigger three-wave A)-B)-C) move. This labeling suggests a temporary consolidation in progress, that can find support near the lower Elliott wave channel line, and around the Fibonacci projection zone of 100.0, where wave C) would equal wave A). That said, current rally can be a temporary … Continued


Bitcoin…Cut & Run Amid the “FUD” or

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies suffered a woeful week The potential for much tighter regulation grows each day The diehard believers think this is the right time to buy Is the risk that it is all a Ponzi Pyramid worth it…probably not Bitcoin has been under pressure in the past week like never before. Just as … Continued


German Dax

Good day traders! German dax can be trading in a bigger complex correction, which we labeled as big wave IV. As things stand right now, we see price unfolding a Elliott wave flat pattern, which is a complex pattern. Its structure is a 3-3-5, with final leg C having five legs and being motive (has … Continued


Silver and AUDUSD

Hello traders. Today, let’s take a glance at silver and AUDUSD. We can see that silver unfolded five minor waves within red wave i) at the 17.68 level, which can now suggest price to slow down and a new corrective retracement to follow. We are expecting red wave ii) to follow, with three of its … Continued


The Dollar, DC, Deutschland & Draghi

Dollar found few friends in the ring last week The fear of a shutdown in the Federal Government kept many away German party leaders want a “Grand Coalition”, but their parties must approve it On Thursday, Draghi has to sweet talk the Euro down from lofty heights In the past week, many major currencies rose to … Continued


Gold’s Glitter to Keep its Glow

Gold has posted another good week of price gains The upside keeps coming despite the prospect of Fed Funds rate rises The withdrawal of monetary stimulus has a diminishing effect The start of the week may see selling, but prices will soon bounce back   Gold prices posted a four-month high on Friday to record … Continued


Triangle on USDMXN Points Towards New Lows

Good day traders! Today let’s take a glance at usdmxn and its possible Elliott wave triangle pattern. USDMXN is bearish, and is currently trading within a probable complex correction labeled as wave 4). We see choppy and slow price movement for the last few days, which can suggest a triangle correction to be in progress … Continued


Picking Equity Sectors in 2018

High expectations of a good equity market in 2018 What will be the appropriate mix of equity exposure? Spotlight Indices has embraced a new psychology Look for ongoing “cyclical” and “sensitive” exposure At moments of economic uncertainty, it is only natural that questions arise pertaining as to the best approach toward making investments in the … Continued