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w/c 15 July - Financials earnings reports kick off the week, then we get Netflix results Thursday. US Retail Sales is the standout macro data this week on Tuesday. We also get the latest ECB interest rate decision on Thursday.


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GBP/NZD – Live and Historical Rates

The GBP/NZD pair is not a major or a commodity pair. The GBP – the 4th most traded currency in the world – is indeed a major, while the NZD is not. The chart above is an illustration of how many New Zealand dollars (Kiwis) one will have to pay to purchase a British Pound.


Although forex volume-wise it is “only” the 4th most traded currency in the world, the GBP takes first place in several other categories. It is the world’s oldest currency still in circulation today. It is also the strongest currency in the world value-wise, indeed stronger than the USD and the EUR. Over the last couple of decades, it has also become a sort of symbol for British sovereignty, as the country refused time and again to join the Eurozone and adopt the EUR. With Brexit proceedings underway now, the longer-term future of the GBP seems secure.


The New Zealand Dollar is the 12th most traded currency in the world and it is an interesting one for forex traders. It makes a good benchmark for Asian economies, just like the AUD. Unlike the latter however, it isn’t exposed to commodity-price variations.

The biggest trading partners of New Zealand are obviously Australia and the US. The economy of the country leans heavily on agriculture, food exports and the service sector. The NZD is also known as the Kiwi or the Kiwi dollar, on account of the kiwi bird featured on some of its denominations.

GBPNZD Analysis

Although historically tied, the GBP and the NZD are quite literally a world apart from a geographical perspective. In regards to economic ties, the NZD is more closely connected to Australia and the Asian economies, while the GBP is closely linked to the Eurozone. Profit opportunities are sometimes generated by the volatility of agricultural prices on this pair.

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