Forex Charts

Forex charts are graphical representations of the relative values of various currency pairs. Charts come in three types: line, bar and candlestick charts, and they all tell their own stories. Staying on top of the chart-game is essential for every trader, given the fast-moving nature of the forex business. A proper forex portal will always provide up-to-date fx charts with technical indicators as well as technical analysis of the featured markets. If you are looking for even more up-to-date information and news then you should be using a squawk service. Below you will see three of the most common pairs; EURUSD, GBPUSD and BTCUSD, please click on the live charts to modify the view of each fx chart. Further below you have a wide range of clickable pairs where you will get a specific page for that currency pair with live exchange rates as well as the latest analyses on that specific pair.




Currency Pairs

The EUR/USD chart represents the amount of USD needed to purchase one EUR, the GBP/USD chart represents the amount of US dollar needed to purchase one British Pound and the last chart, the BTC/USD, represents the amount of US dollar needed to purchase one bitcoin. Click on any currency pair above and you will get a specific page with an fx live chart of that pair where you can play around with time periods, indicators and more in real time. Enjoy.

The Euro (EUR)

The Euro was introduced in 1999 and today the Euro is the closest challenger to the US dollar of becoming the world’s top reserve currency. It has not happened yet even though the currency serves more than 300 million people in Europe including quite a few booming economic countries. The European Central Bank (ECB) is the financial authority governing the Euro.

The US Dollar (USD)

The US dollar is both the world's most traded currency and also the top reserve currency in the world. Most commodities, like gold, are almost exclusively traded in the US dollar. The Federal Reserve is the financial authority governing the US dollar.

The British Pound (GBP)

The British Pound is the oldest currency in the world and it is also the third most popular reserve currency in the world. Bank of England is the financial authority controlling the GBP.

The Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and the BTC/USD pair is the most traded cryptocurrency/fiat pair. Bitcoin differs a great deal from the fiat currencies, mainly because it is a distributed currency where no single entity like a central bank is controlling the bitcoin.

Hope you enjoy our fx live charts above and please also take a look at our latest fx chart news below.

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