Best trading app UK

Which is the best trading app in the UK? Do the best sites for trading also have the best apps? Do you want to trade stocks, forex or CFDs?

We reviewed a number of apps from different brokers, among others, apps from Saxo Bank, Alpari International, FXPro and HotForex that didn’t make the list below. We updated all reviews during August 2021. Based on these reviews we found that eToro’s app is the best trading app in UK. And then AvaTradeGo and ETX Capital also got their apps in the top three trading apps in the UK market, whereas eToro also has the best trading app for beginners.

The wonderful news for you as a trader is that all the nine trading apps in the list below are completely free. The nine best trading apps in the UK are:

  1. eToro Social Trading App is also the best app for beginners.
  2. AvaTradeGo is one of the best trading apps in the UK.
  3. CMC Markets offers first-class charting functionality.
  4. Plus500 offers a top selection of assets in their trading app.
  5. XTB Trading App features a unique trading sentiment indicator.
  6. ETX Capital has the best trading app in the UK.
  7. FBS available in 150 countries
  8. Pepperstone is the most user-friendly trading app.
  9. offers an outstanding selection of stock-based CFDs in the trading app.

These nine mobile trading apps for UK are furthermore run by brokers that are correctly regulated and thus you can feel safe about your money. But as always with trading, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Below you can read our reviews of these top nine trading apps.

Best trading app - eToro

1. eToro Social Trading App

The best mobile trading app in the UK because of its social component (copy trading) combined with the best functionality and ease of use. eToro is a well-regulated broker that has been around since 2006 and the trading app has been available for years now. Visit eToro
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68% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Best trading app - AvaTradeGO

2. AvaTradeGO Trading App

The app AvaTradeGO is very well liked by traders because of the quick download, the offering of a direct chat option with AVA support and it also offers access to more than 250 tradable assets. Visit AvaTrade
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CMC Markets Mobile Trading App Screenshot

3. CMC Markets Trading App

The CMC Markets app is available to both Android and iOS users and they tend to appreciate the great trading conditions the app offers. The charting features are well above average, the trading interface looks great and users like the execution speed. Visit CMC Markets
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Best trading app - Plus500

4. Plus500 Trading App

User feedback of the Plus500 app is positive and that is also our impression when doing this review and thus it almost made top three in our list. The selection of assets users can trade through the app is amazing. CFDs on options, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, fiat currency pairs, shares and commodity ETFs. Visit Plus500
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72% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

XTB Mobile App Screenshot

5. XTB Trading App

Users rate XTB’s xStation mobile trading app highly because of an intuitive interface, fast and on-point trade execution, outstanding charting and superb features such as its trading sentiment indicator and that you’re not constantly logged out, if your phone goes into rest mode, you tap it and you’re right back in the midst of action. Visit XTB
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ETX Capital Mobile App Review Screenshot

6. ETX Capital Trading App

ETX Capital allows its clients to trade over 5,000 global markets online through its MT4 and proprietary ETX TraderPro trading platforms. The latter is available in mobile formats for Android and iOS-based mobile devices, allowing ETX Capital clients to take their trading with them on the road. Visit ETX Capital
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7. FBS Trading App

FBS is one of the older brokers. Established 12 years ago, it has grown into a mainstay of the online trading/CFD scene. It is present in 150 countries, and it has entered into partnerships with some of the world’s top football clubs. Visit FBS
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Pepperstrone Mobile App Screenshot

8. Pepperstone Trading App

Pepperstone uses cTrader as its mobile trading app. The app is highly functional. Most traders find it easy to use, with plenty of options and real-time information. Visit Pepperstone
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Best trading app -

9. Trading App

The mobile starting interface is simple and smooth, which is nice. The selection of stock-based CFDs is outstanding! More than 2,000 such assets are available. As far as currencies go, the app supports both majors, minors, and exotics. However, based on user feedback, this app shows some problems e.g. with charting functionality and technical indicators. Visit
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What to look for in the best trading app

The most important feature of your mobile trading app would be the possibility of cross-platform trading, i.e. you should be able to enter a trade on your desktop and close the same trade in the app. Another important aspect is how simple the app is to use. The easier the better. Furthermore, the app needs to make a wide variety of assets available for trading, to fulfill all of your trading-related needs. All the reviewed broker trading apps on this page offers trading in both stocks, forex and CFDs, however, the number of assets provided for trading in each asset class will vary.

Of course, you also want the app to provide both live and demo accounts. This way, you’ll be able to test the app and to practice in it before you start using it for real money trading. In-app copy trading is also a feature you will likely appreciate. And lastly, on your part, you will need a highly reliable connection to avoid potentially very costly mistakes.

eToro Social Trading App is also the best app for beginners

eToro is a brokerage focused on social trading, while being involved with scores of other finance-related ventures. eToro is one of the few brokers that deal in actual cryptocurrency trading and services.

Its mobile apps, the Android as well as the iOS ones, are a proper reflection of this focus.

eToro app screenshot

The Android app is easy to use, highly functional and it has racked up a very decent score at Google Play.

It is much more than a simple mobile trading platform. In addition to actual trading, it gives traders exposure to the most interesting crypto markets. Its social component lets traders copy their peers, as well as make their trades available for copying.

Having been installed by more than 1 million users, the eToro Social Trading App is indeed one of the most successful mobile trading solutions ever.

The app supports real money trading as well as a virtual portfolio. Through this, traders can put their skills to the test risk-free. There’s a handy watch list and opening a position is as easy as clicking on one of the tradable assets on this list.

Traders can then set their investment amount, as well as their SLs and TPs. clicking the Open Trade button.

etoro app buy screenshot

Keeping an eye on open positions is just as simple.

Those looking for advanced features (such as social trading), will find everything they could possibly need under the Menu button in the top left corner.

This is where users can copy other traders, where they can take a look at their portfolios and invest in CopyPortfolios.

The eToro club can be accessed from here as well. Users can invite their friends, they can tinker with various settings and they can withdraw their funds.

The size of the Android app is just 43MB. It can be downloaded and installed in under a minute. Registering is also quicker than with most other brokers.

Many users have not received well the latest changes to the app. These updates have targeted the design and the speed with which the app loads feeds. Users can now reply to comments as well.

Several people have complained of bugs, text overlay and dysfunctional charts. We have not seen any such issues when we downloaded and installed the latest version. Problems may, however be device-dependent. Complaints may have also originated from early versions of the update where bugs may have persisted. Right now, the app offers more than reasonable functionality.   

The iOS version of the app is significantly larger at 118MB. Fewer people seem to use it. Its user rating is similar to that of the Android app too. Granted, only a handful of people have thus far bothered to leave a review.

Despite that, the iOS app delivers the same functionality as the Android one, and its user interface is similar as well.

Skilled traders can use the iOS or the Android app to become popular investors and to eventually earn 2% off the assets under their management. This second revenue is paid directly by eToro.

Start using the eToro Trading App now.

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68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

AvaTradeGO Mobile Trading App

Like most online FX/CFD brokers, AVATrade has made available mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

The apps, which essentially look the same and work the same way, are fairly run-of-the-mill. They offer access to more than 250 tradable assets and feature leverage of 1:30 on some of these assets.

AvaTrade AvaProtect

New revolutionary risk management tool. With AvaProtect, clients can now have their trades protected from market risk. For a small initial fee clients can now protect their trades during a specified time and AvaTrade will reimburse the loss on their protected trade. This feature is available for all FX pairs as well as Gold and Silver.

AvaTradeGo App

The Android version is obviously the more popular. More than 500,000 people have thus far downloaded it. While there are some complaints regarding overall usability, technical analysis features and some practices on the part of the broker, the majority of the user feedback is positive.

Downloadable for free, AvaTradeGO is only 19Mb big. It can be installed in under a minute and it comes with a great practice mode option, which can be activated just as quickly.

AvaTradeGo App

It makes after all perfect sense for traders to put the app to the test in virtual money mode before they use it to invest real money.

Opening a position through the app is as simple and straightforward as possible. All one has to do is to navigate to the market section and select a currency pair/tradable asset.

The dashboard of the app features a horizontally scrollable watchlist as well, so tracked assets and currency pairs can be traded directly from there.

AVA Trade app assets

A relatively standard Menu button in the top left corner provides access to the Trade History, one’s open positions, the Market section, as well as to the My AVA Account section.

The app also offers a direct chat option with AVA support, as well as a number of technical tools, such as Pivot Points, MACD, RSI, and a handful of other indicators. Charts can be viewed in landscape mode.

The latest version of the AvatradeGO Android app introduced a few improvements concerning the design of the homepage and a few other features.

  • The homepage of the app now lets users choose from two display options.
  • App navigation has been improved and a new instruments summary page has been added.
  • The “hot” trading instruments are now displayed in a separate list.

With the improvements, the size of the app has increased a bit.

As mentioned, the iOS version of the app is a lot like the Android one. Interestingly, size-wise, it is much heftier. iPhone and iPad users will have to download 109.6MB – rather surprising given the relatively simplistic nature of the app.

The iOS app is available in an impressive number of languages. Besides English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic are all supported.

Upon its launch, the iOS app used to feature a $12,500 bonus. Traders can access the Education Centre through the app, to brush up on their trading skills on the move.

The latest version of the AvaTradeGO mobile app introduced a few tweaks as well. It improved app usability and security by adding an app lock with fingerprint/pass-code. It has made the Market Buzz, Economic Calendar and Featured Ideas available directly through the menu.

Both mobile apps support real money deposits and withdrawals, as well as account registration. The Market Trends feature is claimed to be a technology unique to the AvaTradeGO platforms.

Start trading with the AvaTradeGO Trading App now.

CMC Markets offers first-class charting functionality

The CMC Markets mobile app is available in different versions for Android and iOS devices. The app looks good, and it works as expected/advertised. It supports a fair range of assets tradable via CFDs. It also offers reasonably advanced technical analysis tools, it takes care of the fundamentals, and it supports price alerts.

CMC Markets Mobile App

Some users do, appreciate what the CMC Markets app offers. Some have even called the app a “breath of fresh air” for spread betting and CFDs.

  • Many users appreciate the great trading conditions the app offers. The spreads are tight, and the charting is great. On our part, we can indeed confirm that the charting features are well above average.
  • Others like the execution speeds and the customer support service of the brokerage.
  • The trading interface looks great as well. It is smooth, and it reacts well to commands.

That said, some users seem to dislike it, based on the client feedback available at Google Play and the App Store.

People complain about a range of issues, such as:

  • The app lacks split-screen support.
  • The interface is allegedly worse than that of the old version of the app.
  • Some users complain about other changes that the new version introduced, such as font changes, the inability to check available funds while placing trades, etc.

Worth knowing about the negative feedback is that CMC Markets responds to nearly every single review and regularly updates their apps with fixes and new features.

CMC Markets Mobile App

The overall rating of the app in Google Play is just 3.3 out of 5. The Android app only takes a few seconds to download and install. Its size allegedly varies from one device to another.

The iOS app current rating in the App Store is 3.9 out of 5. The download size of the iOS app is 114 MB.

The Strengths of the CMC Markets Mobile App

Covering a wide range of tradable assets should be the priority of every online trading app, and in this regard, the CMC Markets Mobile app does not disappoint. It offers access to CFDs based on major and minor currency pairs, indices, stocks, and commodities such as gold and silver.

In addition to its outstanding selection of tradable assets, the app also offers:

  • Advanced search capabilities to quickly find preferred trading instruments based on location, price volatility, and performance.
  • Watch lists for trading instruments featuring information on variables such as market hours, performance, spread, and margins.
  • Multiple chart types and an impressive range of time frames.
  • Scores of technical indicators and drawing tools.
  • An intuitive trader sentiment indicator.
  • Fundamental analysis predicated upon Reuters news service.
  • Insights tool and market analysis commentary.
  • Order tickets support Stop Losses, Take Profits, as well as Boundary orders.

Order execution seems to be quick and smooth. The app features a visually appealing dashboard, with various trading product categories laid out for easy access.

How to Open a Position through the CMC Markets Mobile App

Launching a trade is as easy as locating the trading instrument of one’s choice and hitting the Buy or Sell option. Traders, who click on the asset instead of one of the said options, will open the live chart, on which they can perform technical analysis using the preinstalled technical indicators. The Buy/Sell buttons remain active in charting mode as well, so traders can use them to launch trades from charting mode.

CMC Markets Mobile App

After opening the order ticket, traders can set the amount they wish to venture on the trade, and choose the order type. The app supports Market Orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Entry Orders. With Limit and Stop Entry orders, traders can set the additional variables.

They can then set the Stop Loss and the Take Profit while checking the Estimated Margin and the Potential Costs, comprised of spread costs and overnight holding costs.

By hitting Confirm, traders can launch the order.

Special Features

The CMC Markets mobile app offers a superbly complex trader sentiment analysis tool displaying buyers and sellers across various client categories through pie charts for a wide range of underlying assets.

CMC Markets Mobile App

The Market Pulse feature of the app delivers news in an easy-to-digest, squawk box-like format, helping with the analysis of the fundamentals.


The CMC Markets mobile trading app is a reasonable solution for trading on the go. Unfortunately, some of the negative user feedback about it seems to be valid and substantiated. Every time we tried to access the Product Overview section of a trading instrument, the app crashed.

Other than that, however, the app works well, and we have found its charting features very handy.

Plus500 offers a top selection of assets in their trading app

Plus500’s mobile CFD trading app is a platform most users appreciate. The feedback concerning the features and the utility of the Android- and iOS versions is great.

Our first impressions of the app were similarly positive. Plus500’s mobile app:

  • Downloads and installs quickly. It makes your phone its home within seconds.
  • Its dashboard is simple and intuitive.
  • It comes in a Demo version, allowing you to put it to the test.
  • It delivers on all of its promises.
  • Switching to real money is a matter of a click.
  • The app does not misfire following periods of inactivity.
Plus500 App Screenshot 1
Illustrative prices

What Exactly Does the Plus500 Mobile App Promise?

The selection of assets users can trade trough the app is amazing. It supports options, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, fiat currency pairs, shares, and commodity ETFs. Special mini indices, such as the Crypto 10 index, are also parts of the package. Through such indices, users gain great exposure to various market segments.

All of the featured assets can be traded via CFDs. Leverage is available for those with a bigger appetite for risk.

As far as cryptocurrencies go, the app supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and IOTA.

The app features an impressive number of technical indicators. Applying technical indicators is simple and quick. When you apply an indicator to a chart, it will stick around on all charts that you pull up afterward. You need to remove it to get rid of it.

Opening a Position Through the Plus500 Mobile App

The dashboard of the app features several popular assets. In the lower half of the screen, there is a chart, showcasing the price evolution of the selected asset. If you want to add technical indicators to the chart and draw trend lines, simply rotate your phone to landscape mode. The app allows you to select chart-type, add indicators, draw, and select time frames for analysis.

Plus500 App Screenshot
Illustrative prices

Whatever you do in landscape mode remains visible when you return to portrait mode. In the top right corner of the dashboard, there is a search icon. Click it, and seek out the asset of your choice.

Select it and do your technical/fundamental analysis on it. Once you are sure of the direction of your trade, hit the Buy or the Sell button. You can do this directly on the chart. You can also trade from the dashboard. Select your trading amount, double-check the required margin and set your Take Profit and Stop Loss. You can also set Trailing Stops. Hit Buy or Sell and you are done.

You can manage your Open and Closed positions through the menu in the top left corner of the dashboard.

Special Features

Besides superb technical analysis tools, the Plus500 mobile app also provides a handy trading sentiment indicator. This indicator is visible when you are opening a position. This way, you can take it into account together with your TA, before committing to a trade.

Plus500 App Screenshot
Illustrative prices

The sentiment indicator tells you how other users trade the same asset. Plus500 covers TA through the superb selection of technical indicators it offers.

For your fundamental analysis needs, it offers a handy Economic Calendar. You can access this calendar through the main menu button as well.

Plus500 App Screenshot 4
Illustrative prices

At the bottom of the screen, the main menu gives you a handy overview of your account. This section contains information on your balance, equity, margin, and Profit/Loss situation. It updates in real-time.

The app lets you set trade alerts as well.

User Feedback

As mentioned, the user feedback concerning the Plus500 mobile app is positive. People appreciate the Demo account. Some have complained about the chart setup, which they deemed too convoluted.

As with any such solution, there are some complaints about the app. At least one user thinks the app is slow to update. Others have not been impressed by the capabilities of the platform.

The free withdrawal feature is a major hit with everyone, however. Start trading with the Plus500 mobile Trading App now.

The latest iteration of the Android version of the Plus500 mobile app has delivered a redesigned main trading screen. Users can now also resize the chart by dragging on its borders. These additions have not significantly impacted the user experience the app offers.

Some users have recently complained that trade execution speed have somewhat slowed down. It may take 2-3 seconds to execute a trade, which is indeed a little slow. During our tests, the app did not drag its feet during execution, so we cannot confirm that issue.

The user interface of the iOS version of the app has been improved as well. iPad users can now enjoy full-screen charting. Trailing stops are now graphically implemented on the charts.

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72% of retail CFD accounts lose money

XTB Trading App features a unique trading sentiment indicator

XTB’s xStation mobile trading app looks good, it works well, and users seem to appreciate it. Moreover, the app does not log you out every chance it gets. Even if your phone goes into rest mode and exits the app, as soon as you tap it, you are back in the midst of the action. We have always found the constant logging out annoying with mobile trading apps. This one has addressed the issue.

As mentioned, the user feedback of the app is outstanding. More than 7,000 users bothered to rate the Android version, and they have rated it a 4.5 out of 5. The iOS version has accrued only 1500+ ratings. Its current score is 4.7 out of 5, which is also impressive.

What do users love about the XTB mobile app?

  • The charting is outstanding. It is easy on the eyes and it comes with some powerful technical indicators.
  • The overall layout of the interface is intuitive. Thus, it is a great fit for beginners as well as pros.
  • Trade execution is fast and on-point.
  • The app offers some superb unique features, such as its trading sentiment indicator.

There are, of course, some complaints about xStation mobile as well.

  • Some users feel that the developers designed the app to facilitate mistakes when opening positions. We cannot fully agree with this assessment.
  • In landscape view, the chart is bigger and more detailed, but the Buy and Sell buttons are not available. You need to switch back to portrait mode to use those.
  • Some people have issues with the loading of the app. Such problems are likely due to individual incompatibilities and technical issues.
  • After reinstalling the app, some users have lost their settings.
  • The lack of detailed reports regarding account activity seems to be a problem as well.

The size of the Android version of the XTB mobile varies from on device to another. It should not take more than a few seconds to download and install on any reasonably recent mobile device.

As usual, the iOS version is bulkier. At 74.6 MB is it still not too big as iOS apps go. The apps support several languages and national currencies.

XTB Mobile App Screenshot

What are the Strengths of the XTB Mobile App?

Besides the fact that it is loved by most of its users, xStation mobile belongs to a reputable brokerage.

  • It features excellent 24/5 support.
  • A free Demo version gives would-be traders a handsome amount of virtual currency to give the app thorough testing.
  • The app comes with several customizable features. It lets traders switch between light and dark themes, showcase their positions on the charts, etc.
  • It supports price alerts. You can set it to send you an alert when the price of an asset hits a certain level.
  • It is superbly transparent. The Trader’s Calculator details every variable pertaining to a trade before you open a position.
  • Comprehensive education is part of the XTB mobile trading experience as well.
  • The charting and technical analysis capabilities of the platform are outstanding.
XTB Bitcoin Mobile App Screenshot

How to Open a Position with the XTB Mobile App?

Placing an order is as simple as tapping on the asset of your choice, bringing up the chart, running your technical and fundamental analysis, taking a peek at the sentiment indicator, and then tapping the Buy or Sell button.

The app then asks for confirmation (you can remove this feature), and your position goes live.

The app details the spread and it allows you to set a take profit and stop loss before launching your order.

Special Features

Users can customize the dashboard of the app, adding their preferred tradable assets.

The most interesting feature of the app is the trading sentiment indicator. It gives traders an idea of how their peers feel about certain tradable assets. The Sentiments section showcases the sentiment scores of several tradable assets. This way, you get a bird’s eye view of what is bullish and bearish. You can get to the chart page by tapping on any of the assets in the Sentiments section. Launching your order is just a matter of a couple of taps from there.

XTB Mobile App Screenshot 4

The Economic Calendar feature is most welcome as well. Through it, you gain a much better understanding of the price-moving market dynamics.

XTB Mobile App Screenshot 5

The Education section features location-geared content, delivered in the national language of the country in which you are. This is a boon for most users, but it can be a pain if you are an expat who does not master the local language yet.


The XTB mobile app is a well-put-together mobile trading solution from a reputable brokerage. While it is not perfect, it is a great way to trade the markets on the go.

The overwhelmingly positive user feedback tells you all you need to know about the quality of this app.

ETX Capital is the Best Trading App in the UK

ETX Capital allows its clients to trade over 5,000 global markets online through its MT4 and proprietary ETX TraderPro trading platforms. The latter is available in mobile formats for Android and iOS-based mobile devices, allowing ETX Capital clients to take their trading with them on the road.

Unlike most of its competitors, ETC Capital is not a relatively young operation. Its roots reach back to 1956 when it dealt in Mortgage Bonds. Since then, ETX Capital has come a long way. The company launched its retail derivatives trading arm in 2002.

ETX Capital Mobile Trading App

Nowadays, ETX Capital is one of the most reputable and reliable online brokerages, offering its clients access to state-of-the-art trading platforms and attractive trading conditions.

The corporate entity currently behind the ETX Capital Brand is Monecor Europe Limited. The European-facing branch of the brokerage is based at 62 Athallasas Avenue, Strovolos 2012, Nicosia, Cyprus. The regulatory entity behind the brokerage is CySEC. The license number of the operation is 096/08. This CySEC regulation means that ETX Capital is a MiFID II-compliant entity.

In addition to its CySEC license, ETX Capital is also licensed by the UK’s FCA. When logging into the mobile app, traders can choose whether they want to trade under the regulatory protection of CySEC or FCA.

Monecor London is the corporate face of the UK branch of the operation. It is a registered company, and it is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its FCA registration number is 124721.

What do the users say about ETX Capital’s services?

Most traders like and appreciate the support, the trading conditions, and the platform the broker provides.

  • Many users appreciate the customer-focused nature of the operation.
  • The quality of the ETX Capital support is also outstanding according to trader reports. The support staff will help you set up your account, and it will solve most of your problems quickly and effectively.
  • Others users have praised the educational package of the broker, especially its webinars.
  • Some users have found the onboarding process simple, quick, and effective.
  • Being able to turn a consistent profit has turned other traders into loyal ETX Capital clients over the years.

Remarkably few users gave the operation a punitive review score. Most of the complaints seem like spam trying to peddle the questionable services of funds-recovery agencies.

  • One user complained about losing his/her first two trades inexplicably. Accusing the broker of spread manipulation, the person in question also complained about minute-long delays in execution.
  • Despite scores of people stating the contrary, some users have found the ETX support staff unresponsive.
  • Another ETX Capital client complained about the steep inactivity fee on his account during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Some users have been unable to withdraw the monies they deposited with the broker. They allege that the broker required income verification from five years ago to allow the withdrawal.

Why should you become an ETX Capital trader? What does the broker give you that its competitors cannot?

  • ETX Capital is a boutique broker offering personalized service to all its clients.
  • The broker features an award-winning trading platform. Its ETX TraderPro works equally well on desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • The broker is reputable and trusted. It has more than 50 years’ worth of experience under its belt.
  • The tradable asset selection of the broker is outstanding, covering more than 5,000 markets.

The Strengths of the ETX TraderPro App

ETX Capital’s Android app boasts industry-leading execution. Traders can open positions directly from the chart. The app is available in a Demo version that gives users GBP 10,000 in virtual funds to put the features of the platform to the test.

  • The charting features of the app are superb. It supports more than 80 technical indicators together with multiple chart types and drawing tools.
  • The app features trading alerts through push notifications and email.
  • Market execution is instant and fail-safe.
  • Mobile ETX Capital traders get free guaranteed stops they can use to manage their risk.
  • The platform allows some degree of personalization. Watch lists are among the items traders can personalize.
  • The Android app supports TouchID to allow traders to access their trading platform quickly and seamlessly.
  • Users can deposit and withdraw funds directly through the mobile app.
  • The app does not time out if inactive. It reloads to allow users quick access to the markets.

The Android app is just 31 MB big. More than 10,000 people have already downloaded it. The overwhelming majority of these people have left raving reviews and top ratings. The aggregate rating of the app on Google Play is 3.8 out of 5.

ETX Capital Mobile Trading App

iOS users seem to like it even more. They have granted the app an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 in the App Store. The iOS app supports the same features and functionalities as the Android one.

It is 39.4 MB big, so it should not take more than a few seconds to download and install on any smartphone.

Special Features

ETX Capital’s mobile platforms support a staggering range of tradable assets. They also give the trader a high degree of control over trade- as well as account management.


ETX Capital is a well-regulated online trading destination, featuring an award-winning mobile trading platform for Android and iOS devices.

ETX’s trading conditions are good, and its mobile platforms support an impressive number of languages such as English, Chinese, German, Italian, Czech, Danish, Polish, Spanish, etc.

ETX support is responsive and highly effective. You can contact support through live chat or toll-free phone (0800 138 4582). There are two support emails available: and

FBS Mobile Trading App

FBS is one of the older brokers. Established 12 years ago, it has grown into a mainstay of the online trading/CFD scene. It is present in 150 countries, and it has entered into partnerships with some of the world’s top football clubs.

  • It is the main partner of Leicester City.
  • It acts as the official trading partner of FC Barcelona.

FBS has earned many accolades and industry awards. Thus far, more than 17 million clients worldwide thought FBS worthy of their trust.

  • In 2018, the brokerage won the Most Transparent Forex Broker Award.
  • In 2017, it picked up an award for its exhaustive and well-put-together education section.
  • In 2016, its outstanding customer service earned it another award.
  • Overall, the broker can boast 60 international industry recognitions.
FBS Mobile App Screenshot

What are FBS’ strengths besides experience and a good reputation?

  • The broker is a regulated entity that can operate legally in most global jurisdictions.
  • It offers its clients negative balance protection.
  • It takes input from the client to decide the former’s level of Forex trading experience. It then only lets clients create account types that suit their expertise.
  • FBS offers 24/7client support in a wide range of languages.
  • The broker has implemented a rich selection of trading tools and features that give users full control over their trading accounts.

FBS signs up more than 7,000 real traders every day.

The broker’s support staff solves a client’s request for assistance every 30 seconds. The average response time of the FBS support is 30 seconds.

The broker’s client retention is impressive. Over 80 percent of its traders decide to continue using FBS’ services after their first contact.

Although there are risks involved in online trading, many of FBS’ traders are profitable. According to the official site of the broker, a client makes a profit withdrawal every 20 seconds.

What do people like about FBS? The majority of user reviews at portals like Trustpilot are positive.

  • The live chat support of the broker is popular with many clients.
  • FBS maintains a Telegram channel, where its in-house pros offer technical and fundamental analysis that many users appreciate.
  • Many feedback providers say that they never had problems withdrawing their profits from FBS.
  • The education section of the website is popular as well. Traders seem to love FBS’ webinars.

The negative feedback tends to focus on real or alleged withdrawal problems.

FBS is a regulated broker with licenses from the IFSC of Belize and Cyprus’ CySEC.

The Strengths of the FBS Mobile Trading Platform

FBS’ trading platform is proprietary, and the same goes for the mobile version, which is available for free for Android and IOS-based devices.

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The main selling point of the FBS mobile platform is simplicity. The broker claims that its trading platform is as powerful as MT4 but much simpler. Why would you want to trade through this proprietary platform?

  • The FBS mobile platform offers access to a wide selection of the most traded instruments.
  • The mobile platform covers Forex trading, metals, and other commodities, as well as a special selection of cryptocurrency-based CFDs.
  • The app is easy on the eyes and graphically pleasing. It is also highly functional.
  • FBS’ mobile app lets traders manage their orders and account settings easily.
  • Traders can also use the app for technical and fundamental analysis on the go.
  • The app takes up a little more than 10 MB of space, and traders can download/install it within a few seconds.
  • FBS’ mobile app supports Take Profits and Stop Losses.

Traders can use the mobile platform to make instant deposits and withdrawals through all the methods the broker supports, such as:

  • Neteller
  • Wire transfers
  • Skrill
  • Bank cards

Special Features

The technical analysis features of the mobile platform are simple and impressive. As soon as you start up the app, it offers to take you through its features step-by-step while giving you access to excellent educational material for beginners and pros.

Through the mobile app, traders can access a handy economic calendar. By using this calendar, they can do some fundamental analysis and stay on top of tradable real-world events as they unfold. The calendar supports filters through which you can select the economic events that present interest to you.

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The interface of the calendar offers valuable information on the current and forecasted impact of the event on trading instruments and currency prices.

The mobile app is available in Demo mode. This mode lets traders test all of its features, providing 10,000 units of virtual currency for trading.


FBS is excellent for mobile trading. Its trading platform may be proprietary, and it may not have the clout or reputation of MT4, but it works well and is great for technical and fundamental analysis.

The broker is regulated, and its reputation among traders is good. The selection of “legacy” tradable assets on the platform is good. But when it comes to trading cryptocurrency-based CFDs, FBS is second to none.

Pepperstone is the most user-friendly trading app

Pepperstone uses cTrader as its mobile trading platform. As such, it offers a proven and popular way for its users to trade on the go. More than 50,000 people have thus far chosen to download and install the app. These are not all Pepperstone users, rather a mix from all of the brokerages that have built their mobile offering around this platform.

Of these users, more than 1,100 decided to rate the app. The current rating of the Android version is 4.7 stars out of 5.

The iOS version is bigger, clunkier, and also less popular. Its rating is just 3.8 stars out of 5.

Pepperstone Mobile App Screenshot

What do users like about the Pepperstone mobile app?

  • The app is highly functional. Most traders find it easy to use, with plenty of options and real-time information.
  • Many users have pointed out the usefulness of the analytic tools the platform offers.
  • The Demo account is a feature many users appreciate as well.
  • The user-friendliness of the app means that even elderly users find it easy to use.
  • Charting is great, although, in this regard, almost everyone leaving a review has some kind of a suggestion to improve the experience.

With so many user reviews, there are naturally some complaints as well.

  • Some users have pointed out that the app freezes upon closing.
  • Others say that older versions of the iOS app were better than the most recent iteration.
  • There are users for whom the navigation within the app turned out to be tricky.
  • For some, the app does not offer enough features.
  • Others have found that the charts load very slowly and the app, in general, is slow to react to user input.

The Android version of the app is the slicker one. It is just 64 MB in size and it takes seconds to download and install over any decent connection.

The iOS version is 129.1 MB big.

Pepperstone Mobile App Screenshot

The Strengths of the Pepperstone Mobile App

A proven andwell-liked trading solution, the cTrader mobile trading platform is well-endowed strength-wise.

Its latest version is faster, more responsive, and easier to use than any before it. The app supports an impressive range of order types, trade statistics, technical indicators, price alerts, and watch-lists.

  • The charting section covers 26 time frames from one minute to one month.
  • There are four chart types and more than 65 technical indicators, from the most popular ones to less-known ones.
  • The app allows traders to group and save their favorite tradable assets into custom watchlists.
  • Users can also customize their email alerts. They can select the events about which they want to receive alerts.
  • The charts are very responsive.
  • A market sentiment indicator offers valuable clues on how others are trading certain markets.
  • One-tap trading is also part of the cTrader mobile experience.
  • The app is very clear about when certain markets are open or closed.
  • Though the app, users can review their trading histories in great detail.
  • The app is available in 23 languages.
  • cTrader mobile allows lot/unit-based settings based on asset-class.

Signing up for a new account or logging into an existing one is possible through your Facebook, Google, and cTrader IDs as well.

How to Open a Position through the Pepperstone Mobile App

Opening a position through the app is about as simple as you may expect it. Just tap on the asset you want to trade in your watchlist. This will open up the charting page. This page is host to a bevy of relevant information on the traded asset.

  • It gives you the chart with its technical indicators, multitude of time frames, and various drawing options.
  • It showcases the depth of the market.
  • It shows you relevant entries from the economic calendar.
  • It lists every bit of information about the selected asset that you might need.
  • It gives you the market hours.
  • It shows you the trade statistics, as well as information about the leverage you may use.

Once you make your decision, and you set your trade size, just tap on the Buy/Sell option to launch your position. You can then track your positions in the Positions section.

Pepperstone Mobile App Screenshot

The app also supports a range of orders, such as market-, limit-, stop-, and stop limit orders.

Special Features

The foremost special feature of the app has to be the superbly designed analysis page. This page puts at your disposal all the technical and fundamental information you may need.

The economic calendar and the market sentiment indicator also represent interesting additions to the arsenal of Peppestone’s trading tools.


The Pepperstone mobile app is cTrader’s mobile solution. As such, it covers everything the market may expect of it. People seem to like the app and what it offers.

From what we have seen, sometimes in contradiction to the experiences of other users, the charting feature of the app is superb.

Its simple and functional design makes it feel very simple to operate the app. Its features are numerous, however, and they are all superbly integrated into the whole. offers an outstanding selection of stock-based CFDs in the trading app

At first glance,’s Android trading platform is a nifty little app. It starts up well. It features a no-nonsense trading interface. And it executes trades and orders flawlessly.

This is the first impression. Based on user feedback, however, this app is a troubled one.

  • Its charting features seem to go missing when you are logged in and keep the app open for a while.
  • The 50+ technical indicators – which should be there, according to the Google Play description – are impossible to locate.
MarketsX App Screenshot

What Is the App Supposed to Deliver?

The app offers access to more than 2,200 tradable assets. The asset selection covers indices, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, ETFs, bonds, and blends. What are blends? They are micro baskets of shares representing certain industries. The Cannabis Blend allows traders to cash in on the pulse of the cannabis industry. Most trading happens via CFDs.

  • As far as currencies go, the app supports 50 majors, minors, and exotics.
  • Users get to trade commodities such as gold, oil, and silver.
  • The selection of stock-based CFDs is outstanding. More than 2,000 such assets are available.
  • The indices cover all the major global economic hotspots.

The app features a Demo account, which gives the user a $10,000 virtual money balance. Perhaps most importantly, the mobile app integrates with the web app. What this means is that you can open a position on one platform and close it on another.

The Demo version allegedly has live charts, as well as 50 technical indicators for analysis. While the live charts are indeed there, we have struggled to locate the technical indicators. They do not show up when you turn your phone to landscape mode either.

MarketsX App Screenshot

The mobile starting interface is simple and smooth. The dashboard gives users handy access to the Featured trading instruments, the Watch-list and a list of one’s open positions.

It also provides details on your balance, equity, free margin, and current profit/loss situation.

In the upper left corner of the dashboard, there is a search button. Through it, you can access all the tradable assets, by category. You can also search for an asset of your choice.

In the top right corners, there is a Menu button. Through it, you can open all the notifications, analysis tools and settings options the app has to offer.

Opening a Position through the Mobile App

If you tap a tradable asset, the app opens up a screen dedicated to that asset. This screen features a chart as well as all the details you need to know before placing a trade.

MarketsX App Screenshot

Opening a position is as simple as tapping the Buy or the Sell button. Before you open a position you can set the following through the trading interface:

  • The order type (Market, Limit or Stop).
  • The direction of your trade.
  • The number of contracts you buy or sell.
  • Your Stop Loss.
  • Your Take Profit.

The app even offers you a handy trading sentiment indicator. This indicator gives you an idea of how other users trade that same asset. Mobile App Special Features

The trading tools section of the app offers:

  • Fundamental analysis covering events, financial commentary, and financial news.
  • The mobile app used to feature sentiment analysis based on various news and fundamentals. Now, there is a trading sentiment feature derived from the moves and trades of other users. Traders can consult the sentiment indicator before they open a position.
  • Sentiment analysis. This section is arguably the main strength of the app. It features insider trades, analyst tips, blogger opinions, news alerts, hedge fund confidence, and news sentiment analysis. The information is well organized and presented.
  • The Knowledge Centre features video tutorials, education, and XRay, a live trading sessions platform.
MarketsX App Screenshot 4

User Feedback

As mentioned, feedback about the mobile app is mixed. Some traders call it abysmal and say that they would not recommend it to anyone. Complaints cover lagging software, withdrawal issues, location-specific problems with registration, etc.

On the plus side, some traders like the convenience of the app. The special features mentioned above are popular as well. The user-friendliness of the app is not lost on some traders either.

The latest version of the Android app seems to have removed some features. Users agree that it provides less information now. The re-design of the interface is welcome, but for some users, the new app fails to start up properly.

According to the broker, the latest updates targeted reliability and speed-related issues. The app now supports the Apple sign-in feature. Start trading with the Mobile Trading App now.

Happy trading!

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