Best trading app UK

Which is the best trading app in the UK? Do the best sites for trading also have the best apps?

We reviewed a number of apps, among others, apps from Saxo Bank, OctaFX, Alpari International, FXPro and HotForex that didn’t make the list below. Based on these reviews we found that eToro’s app is the best trading app in UK. And then AvaTrade and Plus500 also got their apps in the top three trading apps in the UK market.

The wonderful news for you as a trader is that all the seven trading apps in the list below are completely free. The 7 best trading apps in the UK are:

  1. eToro Social Trading App
  2. AvaTradeGo Trading App
  3. Plus500 Trading App
  4. City Index Trading App
  5. easyMarkets Trading App
  6. FXTM Mobile Trading App
  7. Trading App

These seven mobile trading apps for UK are furthermore run by brokers that are correctly regulated and thus you can feel safe about your money. But as always with trading, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Below you can read our reviews of these top seven trading apps.

Best trading app - eToro

1. eToro Social Trading App.

The best mobile trading app in the UK because of its social component (copy trading) combined with the best functionality and ease of use. eToro is a well-regulated broker that has been around since 2006 and the trading app has been available for years now. Visit eToro
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62% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Best trading app - AvaTradeGO

2. AvaTradeGO Trading App.

The app AvaTradeGO is very well liked by traders because of the quick download, the offering of a direct chat option with AVA support and it also offers access to more than 250 tradable assets. The brokerage AvaTrade also offers a tremendous welcome bonus of 40%! Visit AvaTrade
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Best trading app - Plus500

3. Plus500 Trading App.

User feedback of the Plus500 app is positive and that is also our impression when doing this review and thus it made top three in our list. The selection of assets users can trade through the app is amazing. It supports options, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, fiat currency pairs, shares, and commodity ETFs. Visit Plus500
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Best trading App - City Index

4. City Index Trading App.

Close to making the top three among the best trading apps in the UK because this app is available in both Android and iOS, it is compact, it offers a vast asset selection, it offers powerful charting and it is visually pleasing. However, according to user feedback, it can be a bit buggy and less efficient than it should be. Visit City Index
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Best trading app - easyMarkets

5. easyMarkets Trading App.

The easyMarkets mobile trading app has accrued mostly positive reviews from its users. The charts come with a wealth of technical indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, various MAs and oscillators. Reliability comes to mind as a very strong advantage of this trading app. Visit easyMarkets
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Best trading app - FXTM

6. FXTM Mobile Trading App.

We really appreciate FXTM’s mobile trading app because this app is really simplistic with great charting/technical analysis abilities, offers more than 250 tradable assets and supports cross-platform trading. Also, the broker FXTM has garnered an impressive list of awards and a long list of favorable testimonials. Visit FXTM
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Best trading app -

7. Trading App.

The mobile starting interface is simple and smooth, which is nice. The selection of stock-based CFDs is outstanding! More than 2,000 such assets are available. As far as currencies go, the app supports both majors, minors, and exotics. However, based on user feedback, this app shows some problems e.g. with charting functionality and technical indicators. Visit
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What to look for in the best trading app

The most important feature of your mobile trading app would be the possibility of cross-platform trading, i.e. you should be able to enter a trade on your desktop and close the same trade in the app. Another important aspect is how simple the app is to use. The easier the better. Furthermore, the app needs to make a wide variety of assets available for trading, to fulfill all of your trading-related needs. Of course, you also want the app to provide both live and demo accounts. This way, you’ll be able to test the app and to practice in it before you start using it for real money trading. In-app copy trading is also a feature you will likely appreciate. And lastly, on your part, you will need a highly reliable connection to avoid potentially very costly mistakes.

eToro Social Trading App

eToro is a brokerage focused on social trading, while being involved with scores of other finance-related ventures. eToro is one of the few brokers that deal in actual cryptocurrency trading and services.

Its mobile apps, the Android as well as the iOS ones, are a proper reflection of this focus.

eToro app screenshot

The Android app is easy to use, highly functional and it has racked up a very decent score at Google Play.

It is much more than a simple mobile trading platform. In addition to actual trading, it gives traders exposure to the most interesting crypto markets. Its social component lets traders copy their peers, as well as make their trades available for copying.

Having been installed by more than 1 million users, the eToro Social Trading App is indeed one of the most successful mobile trading solutions ever.

The app supports real money trading as well as a virtual portfolio. Through this, traders can put their skills to the test risk-free. There’s a handy watch list and opening a position is as easy as clicking on one of the tradable assets on this list.

Traders can then set their investment amount, as well as their SLs and TPs. clicking the Open Trade button.

etoro app buy screenshot

Keeping an eye on open positions is just as simple.

Those looking for advanced features (such as social trading), will find everything they could possibly need under the Menu button in the top left corner.

This is where users can copy other traders, where they can take a look at their portfolios and invest in CopyPortfolios.

The eToro club can be accessed from here as well. Users can invite their friends, they can tinker with various settings and they can withdraw their funds.

The size of the Android app is just 33MB. It can be downloaded and installed in under a minute. Registering is also quicker than with most other brokers.

Many users have not received well the latest changes to the app. These updates have targeted the design and the speed with which the app loads feeds. Users can now reply to comments as well.

Several people have complained of bugs, text overlay and dysfunctional charts. We have not seen any such issues when we downloaded and installed the latest version. Problems may, however be device-dependent. Complaints may have also originated from early versions of the update where bugs may have persisted. Right now, the app offers more than reasonable functionality.   

The iOS version of the app is significantly larger at 100MB. Fewer people seem to use it and its user rating is poorer than that of the Android app too. Granted, only a handful of people have thus far bothered to leave a review.

Despite that, the iOS app delivers the same functionality as the Android one, and its user interface is similar as well.

Skilled traders can use the iOS or the Android app to become popular investors and to eventually earn 2% off the assets under their management. This second revenue is paid directly by eToro.

Start using the eToro Trading App now.

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62% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

AvaTradeGO Trading App

Like most online FX/CFD brokers, AVATrade has made available mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

The apps, which essentially look the same and work the same way, are fairly run-of-the-mill. They offer access to more than 250 tradable assets and feature leverage of 1:30 on some of these assets.

AvaTrade AvaProtect

New revolutionary risk management tool. With AvaProtect, clients can now have their trades protected from market risk. For a small initial fee clients can now protect their trades during a specified time and AvaTrade will reimburse the loss on their protected trade. This feature is available for all FX pairs as well as Gold and Silver.

AvaTradeGo App

The Android version is obviously the more popular. More than 100,000 people have thus far downloaded it. While there are some complaints regarding overall usability, technical analysis features and some practices on the part of the broker, the majority of the user feedback is positive.

Downloadable for free, AvaTradeGO is only 16Mb big. It can be installed in under a minute and it comes with a great practice mode option, which can be activated just as quickly.

AvaTradeGo App

It makes after all perfect sense for traders to put the app to the test in virtual money mode before they use it to invest real money.

Opening a position through the app is as simple and straightforward as possible. All one has to do is to navigate to the market section and select a currency pair/tradable asset.

The dashboard of the app features a horizontally scrollable watchlist as well, so tracked assets and currency pairs can be traded directly from there.

AVA Trade app assets

A relatively standard Menu button in the top left corner provides access to the Trade History, one’s open positions, the Market section, as well as to the My AVA Account section.

The app also offers a direct chat option with AVA support, as well as a number of technical tools, such as Pivot Points, MACD, RSI, and a handful of other indicators. Charts can be viewed in landscape mode.

The latest version of the AvatradeGO Android app introduced a few improvements concerning the design of the homepage and a few other features.

  • The homepage of the app now lets users choose from two display options.
  • App navigation has been improved and a new instruments summary page has been added.
  • The “hot” trading instruments are now displayed in a separate list.

With the improvements, the size of the app has increased a bit.

As mentioned, the iOS version of the app is a lot like the Android one. Interestingly, size-wise, it is much heftier. iPhone and iPad users will have to download 107.4MB – rather surprising given the relatively simplistic nature of the app.

The iOS app is available in an impressive number of languages. Besides English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic are all supported.

Upon its launch, the iOS app used to feature a $12,500 bonus. Traders can access the Education Centre through the app, to brush up on their trading skills on the move.

The latest version of the AvaTradeGO mobile app introduced a few tweaks as well. It improved app usability and security by adding an app lock with fingerprint/pass-code. It has made the Market Buzz, Economic Calendar and Featured Ideas available directly through the menu.

Both mobile apps support real money deposits and withdrawals, as well as account registration. The Market Trends feature is claimed to be a technology unique to the AvaTradeGO platforms.

Start trading with the AvaTradeGO Trading App now.

Plus500 Mobile App Review

Plus500’s mobile CFD trading app is a platform most users appreciate. The feedback concerning the features and the utility of the Android- and iOS versions is great.

Our first impressions of the app were similarly positive. Plus500’s mobile app:

  • Downloads and installs quickly. It makes your phone its home within seconds.
  • Its dashboard is simple and intuitive.
  • It comes in a Demo version, allowing you to put it to the test.
  • It delivers on all of its promises.
  • Switching to real money is a matter of a click.
  • The app does not misfire following periods of inactivity.
Plus500 App Screenshot 1

What Exactly Does the Plus500 Mobile App Promise?

The selection of assets users can trade trough the app is amazing. It supports options, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, fiat currency pairs, shares, and commodity ETFs. Special mini indices, such as the Crypto 10 index, are also parts of the package. Through such indices, users gain great exposure to various market segments.

All of the featured assets can be traded via CFDs. Leverage is available for those with a bigger appetite for risk.

As far as cryptocurrencies go, the app supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and IOTA.

The app features an impressive number of technical indicators. Applying technical indicators is simple and quick. When you apply an indicator to a chart, it will stick around on all charts that you pull up afterward. You need to remove it to get rid of it.

Opening a Position Through the Plus500 Mobile App

The dashboard of the app features several popular assets. In the lower half of the screen, there is a chart, showcasing the price evolution of the selected asset. If you want to add technical indicators to the chart and draw trend lines, simply rotate your phone to landscape mode. The app allows you to select chart-type, add indicators, draw, and select time frames for analysis.

Plus500 App Screenshot

Whatever you do in landscape mode remains visible when you return to portrait mode. In the top right corner of the dashboard, there is a search icon. Click it, and seek out the asset of your choice.

Select it and do your technical/fundamental analysis on it. Once you are sure of the direction of your trade, hit the Buy or the Sell button. You can do this directly on the chart. You can also trade from the dashboard. Select your trading amount, double-check the required margin and set your Take Profit and Stop Loss. You can also set Trailing Stops. Hit Buy or Sell and you are done.

You can manage your Open and Closed positions through the menu in the top left corner of the dashboard.

Special Features

Besides superb technical analysis tools, the Plus500 mobile app also provides a handy trading sentiment indicator. This indicator is visible when you are opening a position. This way, you can take it into account together with your TA, before committing to a trade.

Plus500 App Screenshot

The sentiment indicator tells you how other users trade the same asset. Plus500 covers TA through the superb selection of technical indicators it offers.

For your fundamental analysis needs, it offers a handy Economic Calendar. You can access this calendar through the main menu button as well.

Plus500 App Screenshot 4

At the bottom of the screen, the main menu gives you a handy overview of your account. This section contains information on your balance, equity, margin, and Profit/Loss situation. It updates in real-time.

The app lets you set trade alerts as well.

User Feedback

As mentioned, the user feedback concerning the Plus500 mobile app is positive. People appreciate the Demo account. Some have complained about the chart setup, which they deemed too convoluted.

As with any such solution, there are some complaints about the app. At least one user thinks the app is slow to update. Others have not been impressed by the capabilities of the platform.

The free withdrawal feature is a major hit with everyone, however. Start trading with the Plus500 mobile Trading App now.

The latest iteration of the Android version of the Plus500 mobile app has delivered a redesigned main trading screen. Users can now also resize the chart by dragging on its borders. These additions have not significantly impacted the user experience the app offers.

Some users have recently complained that trade execution speed have somewhat slowed down. It may take 2-3 seconds to execute a trade, which is indeed a little slow. During our tests, the app did not drag its feet during execution, so we cannot confirm that issue.

The user interface of the iOS version of the app has been improved as well. iPad users can now enjoy full-screen charting. Trailing stops are now graphically implemented on the charts.

City Index Mobile Trading App

City Index’s mobile trading app looks like a fairly run-of-the-mill mobile platform. Available in Android as well as iOS versions, it is compact, it offers powerful charting and it is visually pleasing.

First impressions seldom provide an accurate picture of a trading app, however.

City Index’s mobile solution seems plagued by issues well hidden to superficial observers. According to some user feedback:

  • The app is less efficient than it should be. Some people have called it “indiscreet”.
  • The broker behind the app is allegedly a market maker. This fact has little to do with the technical capabilities of the mobile platform, however.
  • The newest version of the app has ironed out many of the older problems. Some of the user complaints are, therefore, redundant now.
  • Some users have found even the newer version buggy and impossible to open.
City Index Trading App

What are the Strengths of the City Index Mobile App?

Through the mobile platforms, City Index traders can access more than 12,000 Forex, Spread Betting, and CFD markets, on the go.

Given the vastness of the asset selection, it is certainly welcome that traders can search the markets through a dedicated feature.

In addition to the superb selection of tradable markets, the app features outstanding charting as well. This feature bears TradingView’s mark and that is always great news.

City Index Trading App Screenshot 2

The app supports an impressive range of technical indicators. Users can perform advanced technical analysis directly on their mobile phones. Their ability in this regard is truly only limited by their screen size and the sharpness of their vision.

City Index’s mobile app also supports personalized watch lists. Through these, users can keep an eye on their favorite markets. They can also modify these lists quickly and simply.

The broker has made the app available in a Demo version too. This option comes preloaded with GBP10,000 worth of virtual funds.

Through the dashboard, traders can access every nook and cranny of the app within a couple of clicks. The menu button in the top left corner lets traders access their watch lists, positions, orders, and trading alerts. They can also deposit and withdraw funds and use the research tools. Chat support is available directly in the mobile app.

How to Open a Position through the City Index Mobile App?

Locate and tap the asset that you want to trade. The app takes you to a screen with an overview of the selected asset. Below the price data and the Sell/Buy options, this screen also features a chart. You can expand this chart by tapping the expand button in the bottom left corner. Turning your phone into landscape mode will give you an even better view of the superb TradingView chart.

City Index Trading App Screenshot 3

You can set alerts and read market information and news about the selected asset.

Tap the Buy or Sell option. On the next screen, you can set all the variables concerning the trade/order you want to place. You can set up several orders. Simply tap Place Trade or Place Order, once you have all the data set.

You can set several stop types, such as Normal, Guaranteed and Trailing. The app also allows for hedging.

City Index Trading App Screenshot 4

You can track your open positions directly through the Dashboard.

City Index Mobile App Special Features

The City Index mobile app is not exactly rife with special features. It does what it does well, but it carries few bells and whistles.

  • Custom Watch Lists are among its most spectacular special features. Users can add assets to track to these lists and they can add price alerts.
  • The Economic Calendar is a handy addition. That said, it is hardly “special”.
  • Market Analysis, on the other hand, offers access to TradingView’s Technical Insights, Featured Ideas and Analyst Views.
  • Market Commentary is available directly from City Index.
City Index Trading App Screenshot 5

User Feedback and Conclusion

Despite the plethora of negative opinions expressed through the feedback sections of Google Play, the majority of users have rated the app five stars. App Store users are more critical. Negative, one-star ratings dominate that download page. Everything considered, we have found the Android app very functional, easy to handle and quick to install. Its charting and technical analysis features are superb.

The latest update of the City Index Android app consisted mostly of various optimizations. The app works just as well as it did before. Strangely, the tradable asset selection no longer seems to cover cryptocurrencies. The speed of trade execution is great as well. We cannot tell, however, if this situation holds up over the long-run. Some users have complained of slow-downs after a few days of usage.

The latest update of the iOS version of the app has introduced a Thomson Reuters newsfeed, as well as some additional indicators and trading tools. The overall functionality of the app remains unaltered.

easyMarkets Mobile App Review

The easyMarkets mobile trading app looks good and it works as intended. The application has accrued mostly positive reviews from its users. Its Google Play score is currently 4.1 out of 5.

That said, there are some user complaints that do not seem to make a lot of sense.

  • Several people have complained that the app is slow to load. We have not noticed such problems. From what we saw, the mobile platform launches just as quickly as any of its competitors.
  • Others have complained about lag when opening positions. We have not experienced any lag in this regard either.
  • Some do not like the visual appearance of the trading interface. While the graphics of the app are not particularly outstanding, it looks just as good as any other modern mobile trading app.
easyMarkets App Screenshot 1

The dashboard does not include charts by default. You can, however, open the chart of an asset by clicking on it. We should also add that the chart looks great. Users can add a wide range of technical indicators to it in landscape- as well as portrait mode.

Upon its first launch, the app jumps into tutorial mode. It explains its functions and shows the user how to make the most of its capabilities.

easyMarkets App Screenshot 2

The platform does not go into disarray after a period of inactivity. Its functions, including its charts, continue to work as intended.

What Does the EasyMarkets Mobile App Aim to Deliver?

  • Decent tradable asset selection.
  • Reliability.
  • A slew of interesting special features.
  • Live Price notifications.
  • Fixed spreads.
  • Top-notch account management and support.

Asset selection takes center stage on the dashboard. All supported asset categories are displayed top center. In this regard, the app offers Forex, indices, shares, cryptos, commodities, and metals. A handy search tool makes it easy for traders to find their preferred assets.

Most trading through the app happens via CFDs.

How to Open a Position Through the EasyMarkets Mobile App?

Opening a position with easyMarkets starts with asset selection. Once you have located the asset that you want to trade, click on it. The app will give you details on the trade you are making. It lets you choose the expiry time and it shows you the potential payout in both directions.

The broker has recently added Japanese, Australian and Hong Kong-listed shares to its tradable asset selection.

As soon as you click the Buy or Sell button on this screen, your trade goes live. You can open the chart belonging to the selected asset, at the bottom of your trading screen. You can perform your technical analysis right there. Other shortcuts next to your chart button let you analyze the fundamentals as well.

easyMarkets App Screenshot 3

You can monitor the status of your open positions through the Positions button at the bottom of your easyMarkets dashboard.

The My Account feature will give you a detailed picture of your account. It covers your balances, margins, and your current Profit/Loss situation.

Special Features of the easyMarkets Mobile App

The Demo version of the app is fully-featured. It offers all the functions of the real money version. The only difference is that you will not risk any real money through it.

As mentioned, once you click on the tradable asset of your choice, the app opens a trading screen. At the bottom of this screen, there are features that should fulfill all of your technical- and fundamental analysis needs.

  • The chart comes with a wealth of technical indicators. You will find everything here from the Bollinger Bands to various MAs and oscillators. You can also change the chart type and the time frame. The chart supports 11 time frames, from one minute to one month.
easyMarkets App Screenshot 4
  • Next to the chart, there is a Trading Signals button. This section provides you with trading signals that are detailed and easy to apply.
  • The News button gives you a peek into the fundamentals that drive the price.
  • The Financial Calendar highlights future events likely to impact price evolution.
  • You can re-launch the tutorial feature at any time if you need extra information.
  • Sensitive to user feedback, the easymarkets team has recently implemented a feature which is truly exceptional, albeit not unique. This feature is called dealCancellation and it allows traders to undo their trades in exchange for a small fee. If you do not like a losing trade you just had, you can undo it in 1,3 or 6 hours. Through cancellation you can recover your lost funds, minus the mentioned dealCancellation fee. Be aware that you have to activate the dealCancellation feature and pick the timeframe before you launch your trade.
  • The iOS version of the app supports dealCancellation as well. This version is now also available in German and Japanese.
easyMarkets App Screenshot 5

User Feedback

As mentioned, most users are happy with what the easyMarkets mobile app offers them.

Some of the user complaints are related to withdrawal issues and the alleged mishandling of funds. Such issues have little to do with the app itself. Start trading with the easyMarkets Trading App now.

FXTM Mobile Trading App

ForexTime offers a number of mobile trading apps, covering Android- as well as iOS-based devices.

Its Android offering is quite interesting. There are in fact two app versions available out there: an older one, called simply Forex Time, and a newer version, called FXTM Trader.

FXTM trading app

Of the two, based on Google Play reviews and ratings, the older one seems to be the more popular.

Both versions are available for free, and they can both be downloaded and installed in about a minute or two.

The older Android app, Forex Time, features a blue/teal color scheme, and it is 22 MBs big.

More than half a million people have thus far installed it, and the majority of these people have thought it worthy of a 5-star rating.

The app was last updated on October 3, 2018, so the broker has obviously stopped focusing on it.

The newer version, which continues to receive updates, features a bright, white color scheme. Some users have actually complained about it being too bright. There is currently no night color option available.

FXTM app My Quotes

The new app is only 10MBs big and more than 500,000 people have thus far installed it. Like the old version, the new one provides access to MyFXTM, Forex news, and market analysis.

As far as appearance and supported features are concerned, the iOS app is quite similar to the newer version of the Android mobile app. It features the same bright color scheme and the same functionality, yet it is 45.2 MB big.

Still, downloading and installing it will not take more than a minute or so. The same cannot be said about the account registration procedure, which is a rather lengthy one. It includes a suitability test, and only would-be traders who pass this test are allowed to go on using the mobile platforms.

Live and Demo accounts can be opened through both Android apps as well as through the iOS one.

All mobile app versions support cross-platform trading. What this means is that the trader can open a position on Desktop and close it through one of the mobile apps.

FXTM app open order

The apps are all rather simplistic and their charting/technical analysis abilities reflect it best. Remember to turn your phone to landscape position to gain access to additional TA features.

The FXTM team does not update its apps as often as some of its competitors. They may deem it good enough not to require continuous improvements, or they have not made it a priority.

The latest update has ironed out a few bugs and optimized some of the features of the apps.

All apps support more than 250 tradable assets, focused on FX currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. Spot metals and indices-, commodities-, and shares-based CFDs are also supported. Start trading with the FXTM Mobile Trading App now.

Remember to sign up before downloading the trading app. Mobile App Review

At first glance,’s Android trading platform is a nifty little app. It starts up well. It features a no-nonsense trading interface. And it executes trades and orders flawlessly.

This is the first impression. Based on user feedback, however, this app is a troubled one.

  • Its charting features seem to go missing when you are logged in and keep the app open for a while.
  • The 50+ technical indicators – which should be there, according to the Google Play description – are impossible to locate.
MarketsX App Screenshot

What Is the App Supposed to Deliver?

The app offers access to more than 2,200 tradable assets. The asset selection covers indices, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, ETFs, bonds, and blends. What are blends? They are micro baskets of shares representing certain industries. The Cannabis Blend allows traders to cash in on the pulse of the cannabis industry. Most trading happens via CFDs.

  • As far as currencies go, the app supports 50 majors, minors, and exotics.
  • Users get to trade commodities such as gold, oil, and silver.
  • The selection of stock-based CFDs is outstanding. More than 2,000 such assets are available.
  • The indices cover all the major global economic hotspots.

The app features a Demo account, which gives the user a $10,000 virtual money balance. Perhaps most importantly, the mobile app integrates with the web app. What this means is that you can open a position on one platform and close it on another.

The Demo version allegedly has live charts, as well as 50 technical indicators for analysis. While the live charts are indeed there, we have struggled to locate the technical indicators. They do not show up when you turn your phone to landscape mode either.

MarketsX App Screenshot

The mobile starting interface is simple and smooth. The dashboard gives users handy access to the Featured trading instruments, the Watch-list and a list of one’s open positions.

It also provides details on your balance, equity, free margin, and current profit/loss situation.

In the upper left corner of the dashboard, there is a search button. Through it, you can access all the tradable assets, by category. You can also search for an asset of your choice.

In the top right corners, there is a Menu button. Through it, you can open all the notifications, analysis tools and settings options the app has to offer.

Opening a Position through the Mobile App

If you tap a tradable asset, the app opens up a screen dedicated to that asset. This screen features a chart as well as all the details you need to know before placing a trade.

MarketsX App Screenshot

Opening a position is as simple as tapping the Buy or the Sell button. Before you open a position you can set the following through the trading interface:

  • The order type (Market, Limit or Stop).
  • The direction of your trade.
  • The number of contracts you buy or sell.
  • Your Stop Loss.
  • Your Take Profit.

The app even offers you a handy trading sentiment indicator. This indicator gives you an idea of how other users trade that same asset. Mobile App Special Features

The trading tools section of the app offers:

  • Fundamental analysis covering events, financial commentary, and financial news.
  • The mobile app used to feature sentiment analysis based on various news and fundamentals. Now, there is a trading sentiment feature derived from the moves and trades of other users. Traders can consult the sentiment indicator before they open a position.
  • Sentiment analysis. This section is arguably the main strength of the app. It features insider trades, analyst tips, blogger opinions, news alerts, hedge fund confidence, and news sentiment analysis. The information is well organized and presented.
  • The Knowledge Centre features video tutorials, education, and XRay, a live trading sessions platform.
MarketsX App Screenshot 4

User Feedback

As mentioned, feedback about the mobile app is mixed. Some traders call it abysmal and say that they would not recommend it to anyone. Complaints cover lagging software, withdrawal issues, location-specific problems with registration, etc.

On the plus side, some traders like the convenience of the app. The special features mentioned above are popular as well. The user-friendliness of the app is not lost on some traders either.

The latest version of the Android app seems to have removed some features. Users agree that it provides less information now. The re-design of the interface is welcome, but for some users, the new app fails to start up properly.

According to the broker, the latest updates targeted reliability and speed-related issues. The app now supports the Apple sign-in feature. Start trading with the Mobile Trading App now.

Happy trading!

For further reading, you can see our reviews of the overall best trading platforms for the UK here.

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