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Fxexplained.co.uk is owned and operated by Optilab Partners AB located in Stockholm, Sweden and Market Chartist located in London, UK.

We have writers, developers and other contributors in different countries including the US and UK. It is our firm belief that in order to build and operate great trading websites for a global market we need to have a global perspective. We feel that we earn that perspective by collaborating with people from around the Globe. This perspective aids us in our mission to create great trading websites for our users.

Fxexplained.co.uk is aimed at the UK forex market but welcomes visitors from everywhere. Our aim is to be of real help to traders whatever their knowledge level, however, most of the learning articles focus on beginner traders and intermediate traders. The technical and fundamental analyses are useful to all traders.

We also provide reviews of forex brokers that we consider safe to trade with. Since the forex market is global and different rules and regulations apply in different countries, it also draws in some bad elements when it comes to brokers. Scams and fraud are unfortunately a real problem in all financial markets. Therefore we research all brokers we recommend and we don’t want you to only take our word for it but encourage you to do your own research as well before you decide what broker to start trading with. Although most large brokers that are regulated are very serious financial institutions that can be trusted, it is only prudent to do some research.

Our writers and analysts are highly experienced and publicly acclaimed in their respective fields. We are always on the lookout for more contributors, so if you feel that you can live up to our standards and want to write or contribute in any other way to FxExplained please contact us with a presentation of yourself.

Steve Miley (The Market Chartist) Image

Steve Miley (The Market Chartist)

Editor in chief

Steve Miley is the Market Chartist and has 29 years of financial market experience and as a seasoned expert now has many responsibilities. He is the founder, Director and Primary Analyst at The Mar...

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Stephen Pope Image

Stephen Pope

Macroeconomic Strategist

Stephen Pope is the Managing Partner of Spotlight Group. He has worked in the world of finance since 1982 and has performed d...

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Jeff Wecker Image

Jeff Wecker

Trading Coach

Jeff Wecker, "The Trading Coach" is a former member of the CBOT and coaches novices and experienced traders around the world from the U.S., Canada, the UK, India, UAE,  Australia, New Zealand.and ...

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James West Image

James West


Having started his online career back in 2005, over the years, James has written for scores of websites, covering online poker, eSports, Forex trading, binary options, and digital ledger technology...

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Shaun Downey Image

Shaun Downey


Winner of the Technical Analysis Book of the Year 2014, Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery, Shaun Downey is a veteran of the markets and a globally recognized name in the world of Technical Analysis....

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Bryce Willmott Image

Bryce Willmott


Bryce has over 3 years of experience managing his own personal investment portfolio. In 2018 he completed a BA (Hons) degree from the University of Sussex in Event Management. He then went on to ta...

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Anton Sviridov Image

Anton Sviridov


Anton is an accomplished Director at Markom Development Ltd where he combines cross functional competencies in staff management, operations planning, customer retention and strategy development. BU...

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Luke Miley Image

Luke Miley


Luke is currently a student in his final year studying A levels in Economics, Maths and Physics at The Bishop’s Stortford High School. He has a strong interest in economics and financial markets,...

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Jim Martens Image

Jim Martens

Editor Jim Martens is Elliott Wave International's Senior Currency Strategist and editor of the trader-focused Currency Pro Service. He got his start working with metals traders on the Commodity Exchange Cen...
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