Forex Education

In this educational section of our site, we publish articles that can help you to become a better, more professional Forex trader (or trader in whichever asset class you choose). This material is written by respected and veteran professionals from the Forex and Global Markets and are aimed at differing levels; from the Beginner, through the Intermediate trader to the more Expert traders.

As well as defining articles as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert, we have categorised the articles into six sections; Technical Analysis, Fundamental and Macroeconomic Analysis, Psychology of Trading, Trade Strategy, Risk Management and Educational Videos.

For the beginner trader who wants to learn how to trade forex we would suggest starting maybe with: What is forex trading? And the history of forex markets also what markets should i trade in?

All feedback on our education articles is most welcome and we would also encourage suggestions for other topics that you may feel useful. If you have suggestions or feedback use our contact form.