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w/c 24th June - a relatively light data week, with spotlight on US GDP and Durable Goods Wednesday, then the Fed’s preferred inflation measure, the MoM and YoY PCE data on Friday


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USD/PLN – Live and Historical Rates

The USD/PLN is not a major currency pair. There’s little direct trading between the two countries and the trading volumes on the USD/PLN aren’t significant either. While the USD is a major currency, the Polish Zloty isn’t. The chart featured on this page shows the amount of PLN needed to purchase one USD.


The USD isn’t just used within the United States of America. In fact, there’s more of the currency held outside the US than there is within. Scores of countries use it as their own national currency, and these aren’t just small overseas territories and dependencies. Ecuador uses USD, as does Panama and El Salvador. The currency market penetration of the USD is simply unparalleled. There are commodities out there, like gold and oil, which are traded exclusively in USD. The Federal Reserve controls the USD, through the manipulation of its interest rates.


The Polish Zloty might not be a particularly ancient currency in its current form, but it has seen use no fewer than 4 times. Its roots reach all the way back to the 14th century. The Polish economy is currently among the most robust in the EU. It is in fact the only national economy which brushed off the 2008 financial crisis without any kind of problems. The Zloty is eventually supposed to be replaced by the EUR, but Poland’s current leaders aren’t too keen on making the move. The 2008 crisis exposed the weaknesses of the common currency and although compelled by treaty to eventually adopt the EUR, Poland is definitely not in a hurry in this regard now.

USDPLN Analysis

Poland is closely linked to the EU from an economic perspective, so it isn’t surprising that the USD/PLN is equally closely correlated with the EUR/USD. Trading opportunities on the pair may be generated by Fed announcements.

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