Stefano Sciacca


Stefano has developed a multi-asset investment experience throughout his professional background. He worked for QW Capital LLP, the London Stock Exchange Group and Goldman Sachs before joining Kylin Prime Capital as Investment Manager. He has deep knowledge of the equity public market thanks to his experience as Equity Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he covered EMEA Capital Goods. Stefano also has an excellent academic curriculum as he owns a First-Class MSc in Finance from Queen Mary's University of London and a First-Class BSc in Banking and Finance from Universita' degli studi di Milano - Bicocca.


Lagarde: The challenges ahead

What is the European Central Bank facing? Becoming the European Central Bank head might sound like the highest-level of any career achievement. The job requires responsibility for setting the Eurozone interest rate policy, controlling the Euros supply and overseeing the biggest European banks, all of that keeping an eye on inflation and unemployment (11 million … Continued