Anton Sviridov


Anton is an accomplished Director at Markom Development Ltd where he combines cross functional competencies in staff management, operations planning, customer retention and strategy development. BUT, his passion is for trading!

Although already having a BA from the University of East Anglia in Cross Cultural Communications with Business Management and a MSc from BPP University in Business Management with Project Management, in 2017 Anton enrolled on a course in trading at The London Academy of Trading. Here he attained a Level 5 Diploma in Financial Markets Trading and has been trading the financial markets ever since.

Anton has over 2 years of trading experience managing his own portfolio, which consists of Forex, stocks and commodities. His trading timeframe ranges from intraday to multi week holds.

He is still always looking to learn and regularly attends the events at the Society of Technical Analysis and currently trades at the offices of the London School of Wealth Management, where he also assists in some mentoring.


The US Dollar in 2021

The dollar index (DXY) has had a good start the first week of this year, compared to the abominable 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all financial markets and the mighty dollar felt the impact of it more than any other main currency. From my last article on March 12, 2020 DXY lost over 8%. … Continued


WTI prices in 2020 and outlook for 2021

The year 2020 was a major crisis for oil prices as the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed demand with economies shutting down. According to IATA, passenger demand for air travel fell in February by 80% in Europe and USA and by 67% in Asia Pacific region. Prices collapsed in March to an unprecedented historic low. Oil practically … Continued


Bitcoin in 2020: Coming up to $20,000 again

This year has seen a massive resurgence of crypto optimists. The 3rd halving that happened in May propelled investors into the market and the COVID-19 pandemic trashing the economies only added more credit to crypto currencies as an alternative investment to FX. The end of the year became similar to 2017 scenario as everyone jumped … Continued


NASDAQ 100 update: Tech bubble reached its breaking point?

The tech rally this year has been the most incredible ride for traders in years. It quite reminiscent of the tech bubble in early 00’s, which of course created lots of division among analysts regarding the bubble burst. A rally like that must have a correction eventually, but the more NASDAQ kept on climbing, the … Continued


UBER: Is the stock ready to blow upwards?

UBER did not have the best run since its market debut. Price was slowly declining after IPO and the current market cap is $56.91B. After hitting bottom in March, investors became interested in buying the cheap stock. Most investment funds and banks have price projections from $45 to $54 since then. UBER has also started … Continued


NASDAQ 100: Potential tech bubble burst incoming

From the last week’s analysis, we looked at the historic analysis of the NASDAQ 100 applying Elliott Waves. The chart above shows that we are waiting for the end of Expanded Flat wave (b). It seemed that the next burst of the tech bubble was coming soon. Now as Friday 26th closed, it is already … Continued


NASDAQ 100: Will the bubble burst again?

With tech companies doing even better thanks to the lockdown, as more people were forced to stay at home and rely on online purchases and services. NASDAQ keeps pushing higher despite other indices struggling to reach their highs again. Now let us looks at the technical analysis. 200SMA on a weekly chart is always a … Continued


EURJPY weekly trend analysis

Weekly outlook EURJPY retested the broken uptrend line on a weekly chart again on Friday, also perfect test and bounce of the line and 200SMA. Today JPY is strong, gaining back some of the ground lost on Friday. The uptrend line was confirmed multiple times and retested before, showing how strong and valid it still … Continued


NZDUSD monthly trend line retest

The price broke the massive monthly trend line during sell off in March and now we see a retest of that trend line at a strong resistance zone at 0.62. New Zealand was highly effective in its response the pandemic and a pullback of the stock market created a risk on environment for the currency … Continued


USDCAD: what will CAD do with a broken oil market?

USDCAD is one of the most highly oil dependant pairs since both countries are major exporters of Crude oil, CAD being even more oil price dependant. Recent collapse of the oil market prompts to take a closer look at the short-term and long-term view. Technical View Looking at the weekly chart with applied Elliott Waves … Continued


‘Oil Bubble’ burst is finished, now what?

Fundamental Perspective: Let us first look at the fundamental history of the ‘Oil Bubble’. The selloff in the oil industry is one to make movies about. The immense price drop caused by the plunge in the demand due to COVID-19 pandemic and output disputes among OPEC+ members, plummeted CFD’s WTI price to a low of … Continued


Sterling at a pivotal moment

Looking at GBP index, recent sharp fall went all the way down from 130 to 111. Followed by a decent pullback. Now, as the price formed a falling channel under 61.8% Fibonacci, this could be the decisive level for GBP’s direction for the following days. (1 Hour chart) (Daily chart) A break of the channel … Continued


DAX monthly analysis: Has the market topped?

Double top and beginning of wave C Looking at the DAX on a monthly chart below, we are seeing rejection of the 161.8% extension, forming a Double Top pattern with divergence on RSI. Minimum Price Objective (MPO) target is 7000, but there is a very strong old resistance, support area around 9000 level. Elliott Waves are showing the end of … Continued


Under Armour preparing for a bullish spike

Under Armour (UAA) is the developer and distributor of footwear, accessories and branded performance apparel. Due to extensive marketing in Hollywood movies by leading actors, Under Armour had a massive rally from $1.51 in March 2009 to $52.87 in September 2015. That was quite a spike with amazing returns for investors. Elliott wave analysis Elliott … Continued


Bitcoin: The 3rd halving is coming

Crypto currency has a reputation for ‘get rich quick’ and, therefore, attracts many new traders. Since its inception, Bitcoin became one of the biggest bubbles in recent market history that burst during December 2017 after hitting the astonishing $20,000 mark. After continuously losing ground all the way down to $3000 level, we are looking at … Continued


Potential Platinum bull market in 2020

With a bullish start to 2020 for many commodity markets due to the escalation in tensions between Iran and USA, we see potential for the start of the new bull market in platinum. Looking at the chart from a purely technical perspective, a confirmed trend line on the weekly chart has broken, with a solid … Continued


USDJPY analysis: Fear of war

After the airstrike on Iran from USA sanctioned by President Trump, the week turned into quite a roller coaster. The threat of war with Iran has created a fearful first week in the market, as safe havens surged with Gold and Silver gaining around 2.4% and 2.7% respectively since the start of 2020, with investors … Continued


Trading psychology is the key to success

Any experienced trader will tell you that in order to succeed in the tough environment of trading, you must develop a mental framework that allows you to trade your strategy dispassionately, like a machine. 80% psychology and 20% skill, that is the ratio that I found is the key to trading. Talking with many other … Continued


UBER could be the stock of 2020

After a bad IPO and falling stock price, we might finally be seeing a bottom at the end of the year. Overall, UBER had a very disappointing year, not to mention license problems in London and cases of sexual assaults. As 2020 starts big investors will be looking to invest in cheaper stocks and hold … Continued


Cannabis industry: Gearing up for 2020

The cannabis industry has exploded, since Canada legalized the formerly illegal drug, now with some big US states legalizing it. Thugs has sent a wave across the world and sparked a debate for more countries to legalize cannabis. This is a massive market worth billions of US Dollars every year. The chart in the technical … Continued


GBPUSD Election day approaches and final FOMC of 2019!

Looking at GBPUSD, the pair is waiting for the results of the election. While GBP surged on polls showing Tories dominance, they need 320 seats for a majority. YouGov’s latest findings suggest the Tories winning 339 seats, Labour 231 and Lib-Dems 15. The seat-by-seat system gets Tories 43% of the vote and Labour 34%. The … Continued