Shaun Downey


Winner of the Technical Analysis Book of the Year 2014, Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery, Shaun Downey is a veteran of the markets and a globally recognized name in the world of Technical Analysis. He began his career in 1979 at age 16 with Rudolf Wolff Commodity brokers. Initially he specialized in Softs and Grains, then moved into the the oil market and eventually became head of FX hedging and market making. A switch to Fulton Prebon eighties saw him move into Bond trading and Options, followed by a move to Australia as Global Head of trading handling interest rate, commodity and currency risk. He has run various private funds and and traded all asset classes including individual stocks.

Shaun has been writing a variety of technical analysis commentaries for the professional and retail market since 1991, including EBS, (the largest FX portal in the professional market) and mentors his customer base who use his unique methods, based on his first book Trading Time: New Methods in Technical Analysis published in 2006. He spent 20 years at CQG where he had the unique opportunity to learn, create and test all things technical and brings a wealth of experience having met thousands of traders in dealing rooms around the world.

A Grandfathered member of the Society of Technical Analysts, Shaun's unique methods and studies are available on the CQG and eSignal platforms, whilst his individual Stock trading system and equity focused studies are being coded to be placed on the new platform in 2020.

Shaun looks after and mentors those who subscribe to his methods via a Slack portal that covers all asset classes worldwide, including Option Strategy analysis, for both the professional and retail market and provides consultancy education on All Things Technical.

Shaun is also a partner in Blue Ocean Trading Services which specializes in the Worldwide Agricultural/Shipping sector, providing Market Data platforms and solutions, weather analysis and hedging education through technical and option strategies.

Shaun is part of the London School of Wealth Management team where he contributes to the Technical Analysis and Option sections, and is also part of the group as their Technical Analysis and Option expert providing remote education.

Shaun's website, being rebuilt) provides further insight to his methods via video and is where his books are available.

You can reach Shaun at: shaun.downey[a]


Shaun Downey’s Weekly FX update; w/c 21-01-19

US Dollar Index builds on bullish signal with push through important resistance Minor posiitve on EURUSD GBPUSD hesitant EURGBP positive signal USDJPY upside risks AUDUSD and NZDUSD cautious AUDNZD upside risks


Weekly Update: How do you deal with a Flash Crash?

Flash Crash dynamics with AUDUSD, NZDUSD and AUDNZD sending BUY signals EURUSD stays sideways GBPUSD minor BUY signal in range USDJPY also send positive signal post Flash Crash, but EURJPY looks vulnerable.  


Shaun Downey’s Weekly Technical Analysis Update 20181217

Dollar Index holding above a key support level and close to top end of a range, risks stay higher EURUSD sideways but vulnerable to break lower and test key support, which should hold GBPUSD risks also lower, but looking at support to hold on a next leg lower AUDNZD remains positive 


Week 50 Midweek Update

GBPUSD reacts to Vote of No Confidence in PM May AUDUSD consolidation NZDUSD at resistance AUDNZD rebounds from below key target and sends bull signal GBPAUD base effort GBPNZD bear trend ending.


Shaun Downey’s Weekly Recap and Outlook, week commencing 10th December 2018

GBP crosses in focus into key Brexit vote GBPAUD hits our downside target and rebounds GBPNZD rebound less impressive EURGBP cautious upside breakout attempt GBPCAD trapped sideways US$ Index holding key monthly support Euro future caped by resistance AUDUSD fails back from below resistance, poised at key support


Shaun Downey’s Technical Analysis Update 20181129

Knee Jerk Dollar Reaction Not Enough to turn the trend for the Euro (EURUSD Stays Bearish) Fresh Signals Appear on the Yen Sell the Weakest, Buy the Strongest: Pound Aussie Continues to make New Lows (GBPAUD Bearish)


Midweek Update: All things the Pound

After the negatives of last week, what next after today’s Brexit news? Shaun loooks at the Pound vs the US Dollar and its associated cross rates


Shaun Downey’s Weekly Round up

Dollar Index tries to reassert uptrend Negative signals appear on the Euro The Pound breaks back down EURGBP finds support at the bottom of the sideways trend Crude Oil holds key to Loonie’s path


Shaun Downey’s FX Weekly Round Up

Dollar Index fails to close above Breakout Point GB Pound faces short term hurdles Aussie breaks up and must hold that point on a pullback


BitCoin Breaks Down

After a long period of sideways activity, Bitcoin price breaks lower and shifts the dynamic. Nearby supports are close by and represent the final “line in the sand” for bulls.


Technical Analysis Developments

Dollar Index reaches upside target and fails to close above it. Euro fails to get any flight to quality from Equity weakness and the Pound continues lower. Aussie and Kiwi show resilience.


Dollar Index breaks up and targets major monthly level

Dollar Index attempts to break and target major monthly level. The Pound fails to reach breakdown point and extends lower. The Euro has one more major support basis Spot and one on the Futures, that will come close to matching the Dollar Index point.


Pound Update

Early rally in the week fails at key resistance. Price then breaks down Thursday, leaving no immediate support


Introduction to 4th Dimension by Trading Time on GBPUSD (Cable)

The first of a new series of video analysis by Shaun Downey using his unique methods that concentrate on Support and Resistance and the patterns associated with them, from his book New Methods in Technical Analysis. This first video gives a brief insight into his methods and uses the current set up in the British Pound … Continued