Shaun Downey

Shaun Downey


Winner of the Technical Analysis Book of the Year 2014, Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery, Shaun Downey is a veteran of the markets and a globally recognized name in the world of Technical Analysis. He began his career in 1979 at age 16 with Rudolf Wolff Commodity brokers. Initially he specialized in Softs and Grains, then moved into the the oil market and eventually became head of FX hedging and market making. A switch to Fulton Prebon eighties saw him move into Bond trading and Options, followed by a move to Australia as Global Head of trading handling interest rate, commodity and currency risk. He has run various private funds and and traded all asset classes including individual stocks.

Shaun has been writing a variety of technical analysis commentaries for the professional and retail market since 1991, including EBS, (the largest FX portal in the professional market) and mentors his customer base who use his unique methods, based on his first book Trading Time: New Methods in Technical Analysis published in 2006. He spent 20 years at CQG where he had the unique opportunity to learn, create and test all things technical and brings a wealth of experience having met thousands of traders in dealing rooms around the world.

A Grandfathered member of the Society of Technical Analysts, Shaun's unique methods and studies are available on the CQG and eSignal platforms, whilst his individual Stock trading system and equity focused studies are being coded to be placed on the new platform in 2020.

Shaun looks after and mentors those who subscribe to his methods via a Slack portal that covers all asset classes worldwide, including Option Strategy analysis, for both the professional and retail market and provides consultancy education on All Things Technical.

Shaun is also a partner in Blue Ocean Trading Services which specializes in the Worldwide Agricultural/Shipping sector, providing Market Data platforms and solutions, weather analysis and hedging education through technical and option strategies.

Shaun is part of the London School of Wealth Management team where he contributes to the Technical Analysis and Option sections, and is also part of the group as their Technical Analysis and Option expert providing remote education.

Shaun's website, being rebuilt) provides further insight to his methods via video and is where his books are available.

You can reach Shaun at: shaun.downey[a]


US Dollar surges after a more hawkish Fed

Euro breaks down (EURUSD forecast) Pound support disappears (GBPUSD forecast) Aussie breaks down and Kiwi closes below major support  (AUDUSD and NZDUSD forecasts) US Dollar-CAD breaks up  (USDCAD forecast)


Dollar holds key support

Dollar Index holds key weekly support Key support rises on the Euro Negative appears on Dollar Yen Negative also seen on Pound. Tug of war in Dollar-CAD, awaiting the breakout.


US Dollar Holds Key Final Support

Positives appear on US Dollar-Yen (USDJPY forecast) Negative signalled on Aussie  (AUDUSD forecast) Dollar-CAD posts extremely rare positives!  (USDCAD forecast)


US Dollar testing (but holding) critical support

Dollar Index repeatedly holds final critical support (DXY forecast)  Negative on Dollar-Yen (USDJPY forecast)  And on Kiwi (NZDUSD forecast)  These need to be confirmed by a breakdown through support


US Dollar failed bull signals

Dollar Index fails to confirm bullish signal and then breaks down Euro holds support and breaks up Positives on Aussie and Kiwi US Dollar-CAD accelerates lower


Dollar Index breaks key support

Dollar Index negative signal (DXY forecast) Pound posts positives (GBPUSD forecast) Euro-Pound Reversing (EURGBP forecast)


Mixed US Dollar signals –

Dollar Index and Dollar-Yen break up (DXY and USDJPY forecasts) Aussie and Kiwi post positives (AUDUSD and NZDUSD forecasts) EuroPound close to restarting the downtrend (EURGBP forecast)


Forex Signals from Shaun Downey

A very quiet week sees resistance drop on the Dollar Index and lowers the breakout point (DXY forecast) Positive appears on Dollar-CAD (USDCAD forecast) A major buy signal appears on Euro-Pound (EURGBP forecast)


Dollar Reverses Midweek

Dollar reverses (DXY forecast) Euro posts positive along with Pound  (EURUSD and GBPUSD forecasts) Kiwi holds support and Dollar-CAD close to breaking down  (NZDUSD and USDCAD forecasts)


US Dollar continues to strengthen

Dollar Index break up (DXY forecast) Euro reaches first downside target (EURUSD forecast) Kiwi also hits support target (NZDUSD forecast)