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Forex Scam

If you are interested in Forex markets and Forex trading you will almost certainly also be interested in protecting your capital and money.

In this section, the FX Explained editorial team will look at Forex scams, Contract for Difference (CFD) frauds, spread betting cheats and various other investment cons and rip-offs.

You may have already been a victim of a scam and want to vent your frustrations, or you may be looking for the pitfalls to avoid. Or maybe you are just interested in reading some of the remarkable scam stories? If any of these apply to you, then this Forex Trading Scams section on FX Explained is for you.

The most common victims of these scams are those who believe it will never happen to them. There is no certain way to avoid investment or Forex scams, but you CAN reduce the risk of becoming a forex scam victim, if you remain cautious and alert in the decisions you take around investing and trading.  Please don’t allow your hard-earned money to become an easy target for some Forex scam agent. Ensure any company you choose to do business with or deposit fund with, is fully regulated in both the country they operate from and ideally also elsewhere.

A great place to start your journey is to read our wide-ranging article on different types of forex scams here and also what to look out for in our report on how to spot trading scams, in order to prevent Forex fraud.

Don’t forget, we have our list of trusted forex brokers for you to choose from, so go check out their reviews.

Stay safe, avoid the scams and have a great trading day!


How to Avoid Forex Scams and Fraud

As individuals, many of us are also investors and a growing number of us are traders. We might buy shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), purchase government and even corporate bonds, even investing into commodity markets. We might partake in Forex trading, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) trading and also trade the futures and options markets. … Continued