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1 December: Global bonds and USTs backed up to higher yields Thursday, as US stock index futures were mixed, despite US PCE data showing inflationary pressures cooling. Friday's focus is on US and global PMI data, plus Powell speaks as the Fed go into its blackout period
Luke Miley

Luke Miley


Luke is currently a student in his final year studying A levels in Economics, Maths and Physics at The Bishop’s Stortford High School. He has a strong interest in economics and financial markets, and has applied to study Economics from 2020 at various Russell Group Universities including Bristol, Warwick, Loughborough, Nottingham and Lancaster Universities.

Luke entered the 2019 Winston Churchill College Cambridge, Sixth Form Economics Prize, in which candidates had to predict the daily spot Euro-Sterling exchange rate be on 1 June 2019. They also had to justify their predictions with commentary, focusing both on economic analysis and interpreting political decisions. Luke’s entry was highly commended as can be seen at Winston Churchill College Cambridge.

Luke spent the summer of 2018 on an internship with Kylin Prime Capital. Kylin Prime Capital are a Chinese Fund Manager based in the UK who invest in UK equities and corporate bonds, as well as Foreign Exchange markets and equity indices. In his placement Luke worked closely alongside the Senior Fund Manager, assisting with day to day trading duties.

Luke aspires to a financial markets career in the future after his studies.


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