Gregor Horvat

Elliot Wave Technical Analyst

Gregor Horvat is based in Slovenia and has been in the Forex market since 2003. He has been working for Capital Forex Group and

He is the owner of, which provides technical analysis of the financial markets, highlighting behavioural patterns based on the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP).

His approach to the markets is mainly technical. He uses a lot of different methods when analysing the markets such as candlestick patterns, MA, technical indicators etc. His specialty however is Elliott Wave Theory which could be very helpful especially if you know how to use it in combination with other tools/indicators. With EW-forecast he won the award on for Best Forex Analysis in 2016.

EWP provides a method for identifying price points at which a market is most likely to turn. Knowing the probable swing and reversal points provides confirmation of where investors could enter and exit positions for the highest probability of success.


The was founded in 2010 and provides daily technical analysis, with written commentary. We educate our members with video (also webinars) and chart analysis during the week, where we look at different Forex pairs from EURUSD, GBPUSD to different commodities such as gold, and silver, and on different time frames (from weekly to intra-day ones). To make things easier we have a chat room, where our members can share different ideas, and chart interpretations.

We help clients and educate them about the Elliott Wave principle and how to label and track unfolding patterns in real time.

For members giving our insight for trade opportunities)

Gregor also do technical analysis on the crypto market, from BTCUSD, ETHUSD to Bitcoin cash.

Gregor writes different articles on various websites, where you can find a glimpse at what he does. These websites include:,, insidefutures, fxexplained obviously, forexcrunch, onestopbrokers, talkmarkets, tradingview etc. Grega also does webinars as stated above, for different websites.

Other Current Positions

Grega is also working alongside various experts at the, where the team shares different technical and trading approaches to the market. They also do every day webinars, where you can see experts giving their take during the live market.


AUDJPY Is Looking Bullish – Elliott wave analysis

AUDJPY is trading bullish, up from March of 2020. We specifically see a completed five-wave cycle in wave A) at the 78.44 level, which was then followed by a probable completed corrective wave B), at the 73.12 level. Price did almost reach the area of a former wave 4, which can in many cases become … Continued


Bullish Turn on EURJPY

Hello traders, EURJPY looks to have completed an A-B-C correction at the 122.36 level, as price started recovering, and breaking above the 124.42 bullish level. We labelled an Elliott wave leading diagonal underway in wave A)/1), because of price characteristics: a 5-3-5-3-5 pattern, where legs 1 and 4 overlap each other. That said, price is … Continued


Breakout Of A Triangle On USDMXN

Hello traders, In this analysis we will talk about a triangle pattern. Those who are familiar with them, will know that these are one of the most popular patterns by hundreds of traders. The reason why they are so interesting is because while they are unfolding, momentum is decreasing, volume is low, therefore everyone wants … Continued


10 year US Yields- More Weakness?

The Treasury yields are seen in a corrective, sideways price action. It looks like a triangle that is a continuation pattern, so more weakness here means higher prices on the 10 year US notes, so at the same time there might be new support coming on metals. 1800 is nice level for XAUUSD while XAGUSD … Continued


Bulls taking care of silver

Hello traders, Silver started trading bullish in March of 2020, and as we see price started unfolding an impulse. An impulse is a five-wave pattern, that moves within the current trend. In our case, this means to the upside. We can see three legs of an impulse: 1, 2, and 3 as completed, so latest … Continued


Can USDMXN Break Out Of A Triangle?

Hello traders! USDMXN is trading sideways since the beginning of June and it looks like it is forming a big, bearish Elliott wave triangle in wave IV that can send the price even lower for wave V, but seems like one more intraday wave up is still missing before we may see a continuation to … Continued


LTCUSD In A Temporary Pause

Hello traders, LTCUSD is recovering with five waves, up from end of June. We see waves i, ii and iii completed so far, so latest pullback can be part of a corrective wave iv, that can look for support/bullish turn at the Fib. Ratio of 38.2 and 50.0 (55.0/52.0 level). A corrective wave iv in … Continued


Copper in an Uptrend

Hello traders! Copper can be unfolding a bigger, five-wave recovery, up from March of nineteen of 2020. Now price can be trading into final stages of a higher degree wave 3 of a bullish cycle, up from 2.364 level, so be aware of limited upside, and a pullback in the next couple of days or … Continued


S&P 500 Already in A Bearish Reversal

Hello traders, Stocks are turning down for the last few sessions, with an aggressive sell-off on SP500 beneath the lower trendline of an ending diagonal which now looks like an impulsive reversal. As such, even more weakness can be seen, but probably after a rally up in wave B or 2. S&P500, 1h Once wave … Continued


Silver on A Bull Run!

Hello traders, Silver is recovering with impulsive price action from 11.60 lows. We see waves 1 and 2 as completed, so current price activity from 14.48 level can belong to a wave 3 of a higher degree. Wave 3 is an impulse, therefore five legs must be structured, before resistance may be seen, and a … Continued


USD/JPY is bullish near-term – Elliott wave analysis

Hello traders, On the daily chart of USDJPY we see price unfolding a bigger A-B-C move, up from 101.16 level, which can belong to a bigger triangle consolidation. As you can see, wave A found a high at the 111.74 level, from where a three-wave, complex set-back started developing. This set-back is a wave B, … Continued


AUDNZD Looking Bullish Near-term

Hello traders, AUDNZD made a sharp recovery in 2020, up from 0.999 level, which is a suggesting that the trend can be changing to bullish mode. We labelled rally from the lows as a wave 1/A, first leg of a bigger, minimum, three-wave recovery, which has found resistance and a temporary high at the 1.087 … Continued


Elliott Wave Analysis: EUR/GBP In Bearish Reversal

Hello traders, EURGBP started firmly dropping from the 0.918 level (also level of a Fib. ratio of 61.8), giving us first signs of a possibly completed A-B-C move in a higher degree wave B) correction. We are now observing a minimum three-wave decline in play, so be aware of possible corrections/setbacks within the decline (first … Continued


GBPNZD and GBPAUD Still Bearish – Elliott wave analysis

GBPNZD can be trading in a big, bearish movement, down from March high. We see price in a third leg of a bigger decline, where price is unfolding a wave iv correction. Wave iv is a pause within the trend and can look for resistance/bearish turn at the 1.96/1.97 zone, where former swing high of … Continued


BCHUSD Can See One More Leg Lower, Before A Recovery – Elliott wave

BITCOIN CASH is moving sideways since March-April, exactly after we noticed a five-wave rally into a wave A/1 from the lows. After every five waves, we expect to see a three-wave a-b-c pullback in wave B/2, which seems to be still in progress. We are currently tracking a big bearish triangle formation in wave »b« … Continued


EURNZD and EURGBP Intra-day Updates – Elliott wave

EURNZD is usually a perfect indicator for risk-on or risk-off sentiment. Currently it’s coming nicely higher as we expected two days back, ideally within wave »c« or »iii«, while stocks are in the sharp fall. So, if it stops here around 1.76 area and turns sharply down, then stocks would probably see a recovery and … Continued


Bearish Triangle on USD Index Can Support GBPUSD

Hello traders, USD index is trading sideways for some time now, ideally unfolding an Elliott wave triangle correction in wave B that is part of a three-wave corrective decline. A triangle is a continuation pattern, which has five legs in a sideways range, so breakout is expected to occur lower after A-B-C-D-E sub-waves: ideally into … Continued


German DAX Taking A Corrective Break – Elliott wave analysis

German DAX made a five-wave recovery from March lows and found a temporary top at 11240 level. We know that after a five-wave move, a temporary three-wave pullback may start developing. We already see a three-wave decline; however, price may still decline further into a wave C before, real bulls take over. Possible support can … Continued


Crude oil and German BUND Look

Hello traders, Crude oil extended its drop, down from 33.0 swing high, and fully unfolded a fifth wave of 3. Afterwards we have seen a new rally in minor five waves labelled as sub-wave A), up from the lows, which is a suggestion that a correction of a higher degree can be in play; wave … Continued


Interesting pattern on USD/CHF points higher

Hello traders, On the weekly chart of USD/CHF we can see that price was for the last five years making a sideways, and overlapping price activity; an Elliott wave running triangle in B. This triangle can now be completed based on latest sharp recovery from the 0.9176 level, where a low was put into place. … Continued


GBP/NZD At Resistance/Bearish Zone – Elliott Wave Analysis

After a strong and five-legged decline in 2015, GBP/NZD started to trade into bullish, however overlapping manner, tracing out a W-X-Y corrective structure for a higher degree wave B). We see price now at possible resistance and reversal point, at 2.15/2.20 zone, where the upper corrective channel line, and the various Fib. ratios (50.0 and … Continued


Possible Triangle on USDCAD Points Higher – Elliott wave analysis

USDCAD is in a five-wave recovery up from January, however currently is consolidating within a temporary pullback seen in the middle of a much stronger uptrend. We see latest sideways and choppy activity as a wave 4) which can be a triangle in the making, and which points above the 1.435 and into new highs … Continued


USD index In A Bullish Run – Elliott wave analysis

Hello traders, todays article is about USD Index and its daily time frame. On the daily chart of USD Index we see price trading within a higher degree wave C) up from 94.68 level, as part of a bigger, A-B-C move. We know that wave C) is also an impulse, therefore a five-wave recovery can … Continued


USD Index Looking Bullish

A three-wave flat correction looks completed on the USD index, which means more upside is expected to occur in upcoming days. But like always, there will be pullbacks on the way up, and it may occur from around 100 psychological mark. USD Index, daily On the 4h charts, USD index may have found a top … Continued


EW Analysis: Bitcoin Can Be Finishing A Five-Wave Cycle

BITCOIN (BTCUSD) is approaching very important and psychological 10k target area and what is very interesting is that from the Elliott wave perspective, it is clearly finishing five waves up, which means that we have to be aware of limited upside and a potential bearish reversal into a deeper and a higher degree correction. The … Continued


10 Year US Notes Points Higher – Elliott wave analysis

10 year US Notes is clearly bullish, unfolding a five-wave move from October of 2018 lows. We see a possibly completed wave (4) at the 127’30 level, from where price started recovering again. We also see a break above the upper channel line, (connected from 132’14 high) which is an indication of a completed correction, … Continued


USDJPY Seeking Lower prices Near-term – Elliott wave analysis

Hello traders, today’s focus will be on the USDJPY, its daily and 4h view. Let’s dig in! USDJPY is trading in a bigger triangle correction on the daily chart and is ending a leg D with its three sub-waves. We see a possibly completed sub-wave C) of D near the 110.3 region, from where price … Continued


Crude Oil Is Bearish Near-term – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil can be unfolding a big triangle correction in wave B, with price now specifically unfolding sub-wave D. Once all five legs: A-B-C-D and E fully develop, that is when a new impulse lower as wave C may follow. Crude oil, daily #1 On count #2 we are observing a three-wave A-B-C move in … Continued


USDJPY and USDMXN Update – Elliott wave analysis

Good morning traders, and welcome to the intra-day morning updates. Let us start with USDJPY where we see a completed four-wave move to the upside, and latest intra-day rally from the 109.21 level as final move higher as wave 5). We can see that wave 4) had faced nice support right at the former wave … Continued


BITCOIN Is Still Dominating In The Crypto Market

Hello traders,today we will talk about overall Crypto market and its Dominance. BITCOIN and most of the ALTcoins have seen a deeper decline in the last couple of months, mainly because BTC have been losing its dominance. But, after that strong BTCUSD bounce, seems like BTC Dominance is back, especially if we take a look … Continued


German DAX is Storming Higher

Hello traders, German DAX is turning bullish and it may see a lot more upside from here if we consider that recent sharp set-back to 11880 might have been sub-wave two. If that is the case, then sub-wave 3 of a bigger cycle can now take price even higher. German DAX, Daily Now, on the … Continued

Will Risk-off Continue? Elliott Wave on GOLD and SP500

Gold and silver are moving higher after another weak US data; weakest ISM non-manufacturing report in 3 years! We see them breaking to the high of the day, but it can be fifth wave moving into Elliott Wave channel resistance so market may start slowing down in the very near term, but only for a … Continued


S&P500, German DAX and USDNOK Intra-day Updates

E-mini SP500 futures are slightly turning down at the start of the US sessions, but may not be nothing exciting ahead of the FOMC decisions when real bears may show up if our technical view is correct. German Dax can be in similar path. S&P500, 1h German DAX, 1h USDNOK remains trapped in consolidation; looking … Continued


AUDJPY and USDTRY Elliott Wave Analysis

AUDJPY can be trading in a sharp three-wave reversal, with current wave c/iii trading higher from the 71.06 area, where former corrective wave b/ii found support. Wave c/iii is an impulse and can now target 73.0 area with a five-legged move. AUDJPY, 1h USDTRY is moving lower into a projected support near 5.65/5.55 region, after … Continued


Crude OIL – Triangle Pattern on Energy Points Lower!

Hello fellow traders, A bigger triangle as part of a three-wave A-B-C reversal can be unfolding on crude oil in wave B. Now we are tracking final stages of a triangle, so be aware of a drop once final leg E of a triangle fully shows up. A drop below the lower triangle line would … Continued


AUDNZD and EURNZD Both Stopping for A Pullback!

AUDNZD unfolded five legs within wave a, which can be part of a bigger, bullish reversal. Completed five legs within a trend indicate a three-wave retracement to follow, which is already the case on AUDNZD; an a)-b)-c) pullback to around 1.043/1.039 region, where bulls may again take over. A later rise in impulsive fashion would … Continued


60.0 Region Can be Seen on NZDJPY

Hello fellow traders, NZDJPY recently broke below the recent swing low of wave D of a bigger triangle correction, which now suggests a completed triangle, and a bearish continuation. If that is the case, then a five-wave drop may follow into a higher degree wave C), targeting 60.0 region. NZDJPY, Weekly On the 4h chart … Continued


BTCUSD and EURNZD – Both Bullish! (Elliott Wave)

BTCUSD is recovering in a five-wave manner up from the 9200 region, where a higher degree correction had found a base. We see a clear recovery underway, which can now be stopping for a temporary correction as wave (iv), which can be either a flat or a triangle. Once wave (iv) fully develops, that is … Continued


Metals Just Pausing Before New HIGHS Are Seen – Gold and Silver

Hello fellow traders! Gold broke higher last week, but then it turned down after a temporary move above 1452 level. We see that as blue wave B that belongs to a higher degree running triangle correction in wave four. If that is the case then more sideways price activity may follow on the metal, as … Continued


Elliott wave Analysis: GBPUSD On A Bearish Ride

Hello fellow traders! GBPUSD is looking bearish and can now be unfolding final stages of a sub-wave 3) of blue wave 1. We are observing minor leg 5 of 3) in progress, with possible support, and a turn into a corrective wave 4) around the Fibonacci ratio of 261.8 (1.235/1.223 region). GBPUSD, Daily On the … Continued


Elliott Wave Analysis: Metals Turning Bearish!

Metals are approaching resistance areas, so be aware of a fifth wave ending soon on some of them; Gold and platinum, while copper may have already found a top, so its current recovery can be a minor corrective pause. We are observing copper in a new, bearish cycle, down from 2.7600 level where a previous … Continued


Elliott Wave Analysis: AUDUSD and NZDUSD Looking Bullish!

Good day fellow traders! AUDUSD is recovering sharply from the 0.683 level, where a low for sub-wave c of Y had been found. Current sharp rally can now be part of a minimum three-wave recovery, that can take price towards, and beyond the 0.702 bullish level. We labelled first wave a/i in progress, which can … Continued


Elliott Wave Analysis: AUDJPY And NZDJPY Going Bullish Berserk!

Hello traders! AUDJPY is recovering, now unraveling sub-wave iii) as part of a higher degree impulse (iii). Wave three is the strongest and sharpest wave, so be aware of more upside, while price keeps trading above the 74.65 invalidation level. That said, now we see sub-wave iv unfolding, so a temporary setback may be in … Continued


Elliott Wave Analysis: EURUSD and GBPJPY Are Aiming Higher!

EURUSD is trading in a bullish trend, up from 1.118 level, where a higher degree wave 2 correction had found a base. We labelled a five-wave impulsive movement in progress, with price now trading at the end of a sub-wave v) of one. Once we get five minor legs within the wave v) of one, … Continued


Nasdaq Points Up; USDTRY Getting Ready For More Weakness

NASDAQ should remain in uptrend, because we don’t see a completed five-wave cycle yet, so current three-wave decline can be only part of a corrective wave iv that can find support ideally around previous wave iii) swing high and 7600 – 7595 levels and from where may see a continuation higher for wave v of … Continued