Trade Strategy

Another key feature to successful trading is of course your trade strategy.

In this section we provide articles that educate the reader by exploring various aspects of a trade strategy. With a successful trade strategy you can as quickly fill your bankroll, as you can lose it all by not having a clear strategy for your trading. Complemented by great risk management and knowing how your psychology can affect your trading, your trade strategy will make you a successful trader.

Read our articles on how to include indicators, price patterns, money management and more on trade strategy to become an expert trader. If you miss anything in this section, please do not hesitate to contacting us and telling us what to write more of.

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The Fine Art of Reversing Your Position

The market is always right. Not you. Not your opinion. Not someone else’s opinion. So, you have a choice: you can fight the market or you can go with it. And how do you know where the market is going?  Price action! For example, our robot “Forex Forager” always knows at what price it is … Continued


Currencies, Coffee and Croissants

FX Traders: There’s Only One Place in the World…… where you can talk with highly successful, extremely talented currency traders from 27 countries, all at the same time. Of course, they all know the technical stuff, but they also know the local economic and political conditions in their respective countries. And more knowledge = better … Continued


Fundamentals, Price Action & Forex

Many questions arise about fundamental analysis and its effect on the Forex Markets. Many traders try to utilize data or news events to trade and others find it utterly useless. Here, we analyze the effect of fundamentals on the market and why we think there is a better way to trade. Forex trading is based … Continued


Managing Your Winners

Before you can manage a winner, you’ve got to get into it. And you’ve got to get into it with minimum risk. Because in the end, its all about risk reward followed by money/trade management. If you try, for example to enter a currency trade with 30-50-100 pips of risk, you are going to have … Continued