Educational Videos

In this section of our site we publish educational videos that will greatly improve your trading skills. Among other videos we present our popular FX Explained Master Academy with professional technical analyst Steve Miley. Our first videos are targeted towards beginning traders, but over time we will add more videos matching the needs of intermediate and seasoned traders.

Please let us know if you have other needs that we currently do not cater for. Just use the comment field below and we will act on it as quickly as possible. Please enjoy our videos.


Gearing, Leverage and Margin

In this video and article, we are looking at the concepts of Gearing, Leverage and Margin. Gearing, Leverage and Margin are interconnected concepts in trading. LEVERAGE (also known as Gearing) works by using an effective deposit, known as the MARGIN, to provide you with increased exposure to an asset. A fraction of the full value … Continued


Trading Terms

In this video and complementary article, we are looking at some basic trading term used in financial markets trading.   Buy and Sell Long and Short Bull and Bear/ Bullish and Bearish Risk On and Risk Off Buy and Sell/ Long and Short As a trader, if we think a market or asset is going … Continued


Choosing a Broker – Eight factors to consider when choosing a Forex Broker

In this video and accompanying commentary, we are looking at the EIGHT factors that any prospective trader should consider when choosing a Forex Broker or for trading any financial markets. The EIGHT factors we would suggest considering when choosing a FX Broker are: Trust Investment Offerings Commissions and Fees Trading Platform Research Education Customer Service … Continued


Asset Classes

In this article and accompanying video we are looking at the different asset classes that investors and traders can invest in and trade. The four main asset classes we are going to look at are: Equities, stocks, shares (including indices, or averages) Bonds (Government and Corporate) Commodities Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX and currencies) Equities, stocks, … Continued


Investing versus Trading

In this article and accompanying video we look to explain the differences between Investing and Trading. The four main ways we can categorise the differences between Investing and Trading are by looking at: Time Frame Flexibility Leverage Returns Time frame Investing Investing is generally seen as a longer-term activity and by longer-term we tend to … Continued