Current Market Analysis

The analysis of markets is a critical part of the trading decisions of any trader or investor. The individual trader or trading group may have a preference for: Macroeconomic Analysis, Microeconomics Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Behavioural Analysis, Quantitative Analysis and Technical Analysis.

But whichever approach is employed, it is through this analysis that the trader decides:

  • If to buy or sell an asset
  • At which levels to enter a trade
  • At which level to put the target to hopefully take profit on the trade
  • Or, if the analysis proves incorrect, when and where is the trade wrong and at which level to exit the trade.

In this section we provide daily, real time market views including currency pairs forecasts, primarily through the approach of Technical Analysis, but also by utilising other approaches to market analysis. Many of our analyses also contains a video explaining the analyses. Click here for all video analyses and here for all forex news.


Pound recovery aims GBPUSD for key resistance at 1.2814

A rebound for the GBPUSD Forex rate this week, but the midweek surge has primarily been driven by broad US Dollar weakness. US$ losses have been a reaction to the Fed Meeting on Wednesday (19th June 2019), where the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) opened the door to a rate cut, expected in July, with … Continued


Nasdaq Points Up; USDTRY Getting Ready For More Weakness

NASDAQ should remain in uptrend, because we don’t see a completed five-wave cycle yet, so current three-wave decline can be only part of a corrective wave iv that can find support ideally around previous wave iii) swing high and 7600 – 7595 levels and from where may see a continuation higher for wave v of … Continued


AUDUSD and NZDUSD rebounds question bear trends

Positive comments from US President Trump regarding a likely meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Meeting in Osaka, Japan. This sparked hopes of a resumption of trade negotiations, increasing investor risk appetite and sent riskier assets higher, with global stock indices posting firm gains on Tuesday. Furthermore, the “risk currencies”, the … Continued


UK benchmark index, the FTSE 100, aiming higher

Global equity averages have retained their short-term positive outlooks from the strong rallies at the start of June, consolidating these recovery efforts over the past week. The UK benchmark stock average, the FTSE 100 is in similarly positive mode, but also bolstered by Sterling weakness against the US Dollar and Euro (GBOUSD low and EURGBP … Continued


EURUSD Breaking to lower levels

Dollar bulls are looking for further gains against the Euro The ECB has recognised the weakness of the Eurozone economy The desirability of the Eurozone as a place to do business is shockingly low Target EURUSD down to 1.0936 EURUSD posted losses over the past week and the chart at the end of this article … Continued


DAX upside threats intact

A Friday dip below 12061.5 support and then a firm rebound from 12047.5 to sustain upside forces from the entire June recovery rally and keep risks higher Monday. The June push above 12123.5 set an intermediate-term range seen as 11595 to 12318.5, BUT with risks now for a bullish shift. For Today: We see an … Continued


FX Explained in The Forex Zone

Today is the first edition of a regular feature, FX Explained in The Forex Zone, where we will take a video run through of the Major FX currency pairs; EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD and USDCAD. EURUSD holding onto a positive tone A further setback Thursday for a more convincing push below 1.1289/88 supports and … Continued


FAANG stocks in the spotlight

In today’s report we are going to take a technical analysis look at the FAANG shares, Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google (GOOG, Alphabet). Facebook (FB) A firm June rebound from above a key March support at 159.28 (from 160.24) has neutralised the intermediate-term bear trend that was set up with … Continued


Coffee grinds, Sugar is sweet

Coffee bulls are scattered as bad weather in Brazil recedes Global stocks are high after a bumper crop in 2018 The sugar market is set to slip into a deficit Sugar production in India could fall as much as 15 per cent in 2019-20 I look at the one-year chart for coffee and find it … Continued


Intermediate-term risks for Platinum are bearish

A plunge lower for Platinum, following the “risk off” moves seen across global asset classes in May, then a rebound effort in June, again alongside “risk on” moves seen elsewhere. However, the technical damage inflicted by the May bear move leaves an intermediate-term bear theme intact, whilst below the 833.3/838.8, chart/ Fibonacci retracement resistances. Intermediate-term … Continued



As stocks move to the upside, our attention is on CADJPY as this pair shows a nice bullish development with room for more upside after any short-term set-back of wave 3 or even maybe wave 2). More upside should follow this week. CADJPY, 4h Cable came nicely to the downside, beneath wave a level for … Continued


Nike intermediate-term bear theme eased; June risks for a bullish shift

A strong June rally for Nike driven by two bull gaps interspersed by a surging rally, to reverse above the down trendline from the April, rejecting an intermediate-term bear theme, now for an intermediate-term range. Despite an intermediate-term range, the threat is skewed higher, with risks for a challenge to the May swing peak at … Continued


Dollar confirms weakness

US$ Index break below supports confirms prior week’s bear signal EURUSD aims higher to aim for 1.1497 and maybe 1.1617 GBPUSD and AUDUSD edging higher after buy signals NZDUSD at resistance USDJPY lacklustre rebound USDCAD plunge through key weekly level


European equity averages send intermediate-term positive signals

Global equity averages have continued their upside path through June, despite the fact that the US-Sino Trade War remains in place, BUT a more dovish tone from even hawkish Federal Reserve Speakers has allowed for strong recoveries in June. This recovery theme has been assisted by recent progress in US-Mexico trade talks, avoiding tariffs by … Continued


Coca Cola (KO) hits all time high

Coca Cola (KO) has surged through May and into early June. This has seen a push this week through the Q4 2018 high at 50.84 to a new all-time high. This has seen Coca Cola significantly outperformed the S&P 500 and also the Consumer Staples sector. From a technical analysis standpoint this sees both short- … Continued


Elliott Wave Analysis: Ripple Doesn’t Show Any Bullish Signs, Yet!

Hello everybody! Ripple is trading sideways for a long time despite bullish turn on many major cryptocurrencies, so we still think that the bottom is not in place yet, especially because of Ripple logarithmic scale chart, which has the same wave structure as it had BTC last year! However, we are observing a big bearish … Continued


A focus on Swiss Franc Crosses (CADCHF and AUDCHF)

In this article we are going to take a look at the intermediate-term outlooks for two “risk” currencies, the Australian and Canadian Dollars versus the safe haven currency, the Swiss Franc. Bear trends in CADCHF and AUDCHF are a result of the current, broad “risk off” environment across global financial markets, in the wake of … Continued