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w/c 15 July - Financials earnings reports kick off the week, then we get Netflix results Thursday. US Retail Sales is the standout macro data this week on Tuesday. We also get the latest ECB interest rate decision on Thursday.


The SEC clarify their mischaracterisation of Maltese broker EXANTE

EXANTE, a Malta-based broker with full regulatory approvals in Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, won a welcome victory in the battle to clear its name over a false 2015 allegation from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In February 2016, the SEC finally admitted that their August 2015 filing accusing EXANTE of … Continued


Buying Euro Travel Money Online

Travelling in Europe is exciting, but one of the most essential parts is ensuring you have enough euros to cover your expenses. While conventional currency exchange procedures were sufficient, the digital age has presented a more convenient alternative – buying euro travel currency virtually. In this article, we will examine the advantages of buying Euros … Continued

IG Review

FunderPro Payment Methods Update: Credit Cards Now Available

The day has dawned: FunderPro is now accepting credit card payments! This will come as a welcome announcement to many traders who have left excellent reviews and highly rated the prop trading firm for its fast execution, funding challenge with unlimited time, and early integration of next-generation software TradeLocker. To many enthusiastic clients, FunderPro dropped … Continued


Join the FBS Birthday Party Celebration

FBS, an international online broker, invites everyone to join its 13th birthday celebration by launching the FBS Birthday Party event with a chance to receive VIP trading analytics and private consultations with financial experts.  Have a party together with FBS FBS turns its 13th birthday into a month-long event, FBS Birthday Party, to inspire traders … Continued


FBS Loyalty Program is Updated with More Lux Prizes

FBS, a worldwide trading broker, has updated its Loyalty Program. In the endeavor to thank clients for their devotion, FBS enhanced the prizes’ value. Thus, each Loyalty Program member can simply trade and be rewarded with even more luxurious prizes like the latest iPhone, Samsung phone, MacBook Air, new Mercedes, Rolex II, and more. Be … Continued


EUR/USD: How To Trade The Pair This Week

Fundamental factors EUR/USD ended last week with a steamrolling. This week, the pair keeps edging up. Why? First, the uncertainty over the new Covid-19 variant, omicron, led to a surge in demand in safe-haven currencies such as the Japanese yen and the Swiss. Since the US dollar lost its safe-haven role, traders preferred the EUR … Continued

Eightcap Review

Eightcap is an NDD (no dealing desk) broker using the MT4 and MT5 platforms. The broker offers some of the most attractive trading conditions coupled with a great selection of tradable assets. Eightcap offers more than 250 cryptocurrency CFDs. Founded in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, Eightcap is one of the older actors of the Forex/CFD … Continued


Equities rebound as “risk on” theme restarts; Oil surges to $80

Macroeconomic/ geopolitical developments Positive soundings on the US debt ceiling talks have helped riskier assets (such as stocks/ equities) in early October. The “risk off” theme that struck global financial markets in September has started to reverse back to a “risk on” theme, despite the extension to higher yields across global bond markets (led by … Continued

ETX Capital issues press release on strong 2020 financial performance

Here we are going to look at the ETX Capital 2020 results, with the London-based broker experiencing a notable increase in revenues. They also successfully launched their new corporate brokerage business.  Active clients grew by 3% to 10,354 and total revenue grew by 48% compared to 2019, up to £31.8 million. FX Explained can report … Continued


ETX Capital Acquires FSCA Licence in South Africa

London-based broker ETX Capital has received its licence from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa, which means it is now officially authorised as a local Financial Service Provider. The FSCA is responsible for market conduct regulation and supervision and aims to enhance the efficiency and integrity of financial markets, protecting traders by … Continued

Commission-free stock trading marks a new era for retail traders

Sameer Bhopale, Chief Marketing Officer at FXCM Modern technology has made retail trading accessible to all – it is literally at the tip of our fingertips – but it wasn’t always this easy. It’s fair to say that the technology underpinning online retail trading has come a long way since the days of pagers and … Continued

ETX Capital Offer Top-Traded Stocks At Zero Commission

London-based broker ETX Capital has announced the launch of zero commission stock trading across their top-traded stock CFDs. The company has said that the likes of Tesla, Apple, Amazon, and even UK shares like Barclays are included, calling these their most-popular markets amid their client pool. “We continue to see the demand for stocks increasing, … Continued


Pepperstone acquires CySEC license

10​ ​November​ — ​Award-winning online CFD broker Pepperstone goes from strength to strength with its official launch of commercial operations in Cyprus under its CySec license, securing certainty for European clients ahead of Brexit. Pepperstone is built on an uncompromising level of service for all its clients, underpinned by some of the best prices and … Continued

Hang Seng Index

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (HSI) is a stock market index that has been the top indicator of the overall market performance of the territory. Its 50 constituents are the largest companies by market capitalization listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Together, they account for some 58% of the total capitalization of the exchange. To … Continued


The USD is a major currency, though the pair it forms with the South Korean Won is not a major. This pair tells us how many Korean Won it takes to buy one US Dollar. The USD The world’s top currency in every regard, the USD is woven into the very fabric of the global … Continued


The US Dollar/Brazilian Real pair is not a major. The base currency in this pair is the USD. USD/BRL therefore shows how many BRL it takes to purchase one USD. The USD The world’s prime reserve currency, the USD is the most used currency in financial transactions as well as FX trading, by far. It … Continued


The USD/INR pair is not a major pair. It is however a relatively popular currency pair among traders. The rupee is the 18th most traded currency in the world. The USD The United States Dollar is the world’s top reserve currency. As such, it is used in most international transactions. It is the currency in … Continued


Litecoin is yet another cryptocurrency, much like bitcoin. Some call it the silver to bitcoin’s gold. The LTC/USD pair is obviously a crypto/fiat pair as well. As such, you will only be able to trade it through various cryptocurrency exchanges. It is not an official currency pair, as LTC is not considered a “proper” currency … Continued


The Ether/US Dollar pair is a crypto/fiat pair, much like bitcoin/USD. As such, you will probably only be able to trade it on a crypto exchange. The ETH/USD pair is not yet an “official” currency pair, in the sense that the EUR/USD is for instance. ETH is part of an emerging asset class which regulators … Continued

Vodafone (VOD.L) Stock Price

To say that Vodafone is a big telecommunications company would probably be a major understatement. The British conglomerate, with headquarters in Newbury, London and Berkshire, is the 4th largest telecommunications company in the world, as far as its number of customers is concerned. The company served some 313 million customers as of 2018. It is … Continued

Volkswagen (VOW3.DE) Stock Price

In several ways, Volkswagen AG (also known as VW or Volkswagen Group), is indeed the world’s top car maker. It certainly is that if we look at the sales it generates over the multitude of brands that it owns. In this regard, it has recently topped Toyota. In 2018, the Group sold some 10.8 million … Continued

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price

A technology company that has been on the cutting edge of innovation since its inception, Tesla is the largest and best-known electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. In addition to cars, it is also involved in various energy projects and design. Launched in 2003 as Tesla Motors, the name of the company/brand has become forever … Continued

HSBC (HSBA.L) Stock Price

Based in the UK, HSBC is a true global financial behemoth. It maintains some 4,400 offices all over the world, in developed countries as well as emerging market economies. It offers a wide range of financial services, including retail banking, wealth management, global private banking, commercial banking, etc. It is certainly interesting from the perspective … Continued

Daimler (DAI.DE) Stock Price

Daimler AG is the powerhouse of the German auto industry. It is one of the largest makers of luxury cars in the world. It is the top producer of commercial vehicles. The headquarters of the company are located in Stuttgart. In its current form, the company was born out of the merger of Benz & … Continued

Lloyds (LLOY.L) Stock Price

Lloyds Banking Group PLC is one of the world’s top financial institutions. It took its current form in 2009, upon the acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds TSB. Its roots reach back all the way to 1695 though. The activities of the group include wealth management, insurance and pensions, commercial banking, as well as retail banking. … Continued

Barclays (BARC.L) Stock Price

Based in London, Barclays is the definition of a banking giant. The services offered by Barclays are diverse and they cover an impressive geographical area, from the UK and US, to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Retail banking is just one of the verticals in which Barclays is a major international actor. … Continued

BP (BP.LN) Stock Price

British Petroleum is one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world. It has operations in some 70 countries world-over and it produces more than 3.6 million BOE (barrel of oil equivalents) per day. With the dark clouds of falling oil prices and low cash flows slowly clearing from the skies of … Continued

Spotify (SPOT) Stock Price

Spotify is a major tech company the revenue stream of which does not depend solely on ads. Its business model quite innovative, Spotify produced a solution to the rampant piracy dilemma surrounding the music business. It is an on-demand music streaming service, one that serves hundreds of millions of subscribers all over the world, while … Continued

Facebook (FB) Stock Price

The most successful social media company of all time, Facebook is one of the top revenue-earners of the tech scene. Alongside Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (Alphabet), it is part of the FAANG group of tech stocks. The company and the Facebook brand may have had their ups and downs over the years, but since … Continued

Netflix (NFLX) Stock Price

By every measure, Netflix stock has been a major winner since its IPO. It has even rewarded recent investors quite lavishly. According to some pundits, even at $350, it is a great buy. What exactly do we have on our hands with Netflix stock though? Having started out in 1997, Netflix is by no means … Continued

Coca Cola (KO) Stock Price

While syrup sales do not make up all of Coca Cola’s revenues, they are certainly an integral part of picture. In fact, they are an essential ingredient in the unique business model that the company has been running. Coca Cola certainly does its own bottling and distribution, but it also sells syrup to other companies, … Continued

Nike (NKE) Stock Price

Having been around for some 5 decades, Nike is not a company focused on self preservation. Its approach is still one of aggressive growth and expansion and as such, it is always an interesting option for investors. Nike’s target markets are athletic footwear, accessories, equipment and apparel. In these markets, it most definitely possesses an … Continued

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Quote

The world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon seems to possess every ingredient of the cocktail of success. It has a superstar CEO in Jeff Bezos, an enduring competitive advantage in the world of online retail and even a range of innovative products meant to keep it at the cutting edge of technology. Amazon is involved in … Continued

Google (GOOGL) Stock Price

If you’re reading this online, chances are you know all too well what Google is and what it does. Google (ticker: GOOGL) is much more than a search engine these days though. The company behind Google, Alphabet, is involved in scores of tech initiatives, from self-driving vehicles to social media. Profitability is usually a direct … Continued

Apple (AAPL) Stock Quote

Apple Inc. is a major US technology company. Together with Facebook, Google and Amazon, it makes up Tech’s  Big Four, and it is obviously a DJIA constituent. Based in Cupertino, California, Apple produces a wide range of consumer electronics, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers, smartwatches, digital media players and home speaker systems, as well … Continued


Despite its bad health-wise reputation, sugar has been a part of the human diet since ancient times. In its refined form however, it is a much more recent addition. It is the most popular food ingredient in the US. An average American consumes some 150 pounds of sugar every year. In such quantities, it is … Continued


For someone who does not drink coffee at all, this information might be a little difficult to process, but yes, after crude oil, coffee is the most sought-after commodity in the world. The addictive powers of caffeine should apparently never be underestimated. A soft commodity, coffee is most definitely the foremost source of caffeine in … Continued

Natural Gas

Much like petroleum, natural gas – a rather similar commodity – is what one would call an “essential”. Among a number of industrial applications, natural gas is used for the heating of homes in several parts of the world. Without it, entire countries might find it impossible to make it through the winter. It is … Continued

Crude Oil

Crude oil is without a doubt one of the most important commodities and resources the world economy currently needs/handles. The problem with it is that it is a non-renewable resource, meaning that it is finite and as such, it is guaranteed to run out at one point. Without oil and the products derived from it, … Continued


Platinum’s name comes from the Spanish word “platino”, which means “little silver”. A very malleable, ductile, whitish metal which is extremely unreactive, platinum is considered to be a precious metal. In fact, it is one of the major precious metal commodities. Unlike gold and silver, platinum has not been mined since ancient times. In fact, … Continued


Over the last few years, silver has emerged as a magnet for investors seeking a safe haven asset, alongside gold. Although by far not as valuable as gold, silver is a very special metal in its own way. It too exhibits some outstanding physical and chemical characteristics, which make it indispensable in high-tech devices. It … Continued


Gold is a special and rare metal, the physical and chemical characteristics of which have always fascinated humankind. Its chemical element symbol Au and its atomic number 79, gold is a yellowish/reddish extremely ductile and malleable metal, which has always lent itself well to jewelry work. Its superior electrical conductivity and various other physical/chemical features … Continued

Nasdaq Index

After the S&P500 and the DJIA, the Nasdaq Composite Index (^IXIC) is the third most commonly quoted US index. Unlike its blue chip-focused peers, the ^IXIC provides a snapshot of the common equity market. It covers securities such as ETFs, real estate investment trusts, American depositary receipts, non-blue chip stocks, limited partnership interests etc. As … Continued

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

The Dow Jones Industrial average includes the top 30 US companies by market capitalization. The actual value of the index is calculated in a rather simplistic and peculiar manner when compared to some of its peers. That said, despite the small sample size and the simple, stock price-based calculation, the DJIA delivers a very accurate … Continued

S&P 500 Index

The Standard and Poor 500, or S&P 500 is a market cap weighted index, built upon the 500 US companies with the largest market capitalization. To be included in the S&P 500, companies need to have common stock listed at NASDAQ and NYSE or the CbOE BZX Exchange. The role of the S&P 500 and … Continued

Nikkei 225 Index

The Nikkei 225 index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) stands out from among its peers in several ways. It is fair to consider it a one-of-a-kind index that follows none of the well-known molds of other popular indices. First off: the Nikkei 225 is a very old mathematical artifice, that does indeed paint a … Continued

DAX Index

Short for Deutsche Actienindex, DAX captures the pulse of the German economy (or rather, a hint of its pulse) through the 30 blue chip stocks it tracks at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. While this sample size is indeed too small to provide an accurate depiction of the entire German economy (by far the biggest of … Continued

FTSE 100 Index

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Share Index is dedicated to the tracking of the UK’s 100 biggest public companies. The “weight” of these companies is determined through market capitalization. All companies covered by the FTSE 100 (also called Footsie) need to be listed at the London Stock Exchange (LSE). That considered, it is safe … Continued


EURUSD – Live and Historical Rates The most significant currency pair in forex trading, the EUR/USD represents the number of US Dollars needed to purchase one Euro. The importance of this particular pair stems from the fact that the USD and the EUR are the first and second most-traded currencies as well as the first … Continued


The BTC/USD pair is the most popular cryptocurrency/fiat pair, and as such, it is definitely a “major” for those involved in the crypto industry. For the mainstream financial industry though, it is more of an exotic pair, which is slowly but surely gaining in importance. Some people view bitcoin as more of a digital commodity, … Continued


USD/TRY – Live and Historical Rates Despite the size and strength of the Turkish economy, the Turkish Lira (TKY) is not a major currency. The USD on the other hand is indeed just that. The pair that the two currencies make does not qualify as a major, or as a commodity pair. The chart presented … Continued


USD/SGD – Live and Historical Rates The USD/SGD is yet another pairing of a major currency with a non-major. In this pair, the USD is obviously the major. The resulting pair is not a major one itself, nor is it a commodity pair. The chart featured on this page tells us the amount of Singapore … Continued


USD/SEK – Live and Historical Rates The US Dollar does not form a major or a commodity pair with the Swedish Krona. The USD is obviously a major currency while the SEK is not. The trading volumes on the pair are not very significant. The chart on this page shows the amount of SEK it … Continued


USD/PLN – Live and Historical Rates The USD/PLN is not a major currency pair. There’s little direct trading between the two countries and the trading volumes on the USD/PLN aren’t significant either. While the USD is a major currency, the Polish Zloty isn’t. The chart featured on this page shows the amount of PLN needed … Continued


USD/NOK – Live and Historical Rates The USD/NOK pair is not a major nor a commodity pair, despite the fact that the Norwegian economy is very commodity-reliant. The USD on the other hand is indeed the top major out there. The NOK is not one though. The trading volumes on the pair aren’t particularly significant, … Continued


USD/MXN – Live and Historical Rates The US dollar/Mexican Peso pair is not a commodity one, nor is it a major pair. The USD is indeed a major currency, while the Mexican Peso is not. The chart above tells us how many Pesos one needs to spend to purchase a USD. The USD The world’s … Continued


USD/JPY – Live and Historical Rates The USD/JPY pair is a major pair, as both currencies are indeed majors on their own too. The pair is not a commodity one though. The chart featured on this page shows how many JPY one needs to purchase a USD. The USD The USD was the currency which … Continued


USD/HUF – Live and Historical Rates In this pair, the USD is obviously a major currency, while the HUF is not. The pair that the two make is not a major pair nor a commodity one. The attached chart shows the amount of HUF it takes to purchase a USD. The USD The USD is … Continued


USD/DKK – Live and Historical Rates In this pair, the USD is obviously the major currency, while the DKK is not. The pair isn’t a major nor is it a commodity pair. The chart featured above shows the amount of DKK it requires to purchase a USD. The USD As far as major currencies go, … Continued


USD/CHF – Live and Historical Rates The USD/CHF pair is a very interesting one, given how both currencies are majors. Thus, the pair is indeed a major one itself, though it is not a commodity pair. The chart above illustrates the amount of CHF required to purchase a USD. The USD The USD is beyond … Continued


USD/CAD – Live and Historical Rates The US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar are two closely correlated currencies. While the USD is a major, the CAD is not. The pair that the two make is not a major pair, but it is a commodity one. The chart above shows the amount of CAD required to … Continued


NZD/USD – Live and Historical Rates The NZD/USD pair is comprised of a major currency (the US dollar) and a non-major one, the New Zealand Dollar (Kiwi). While the two currencies are indeed correlated (at one point the NZD was pegged to the USD), the pair entails relatively low trading volumes. Thus the pair is … Continued